10 Quotes From Curb Your Enthusiasm That Are Still Hilarious Today

While Seinfeld introduced the world to the unique comedic mind of Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm let him explore his worst tendencies to their full potential. The HBO comedy series followed a (somewhat) fictional version of David as he went from one horribly awkward situation to another.

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Filled with famous guest stars, a loose feel and unforgettable moments, the Curb Your Enthusiasm was a masterpiece in cringe-worthy comedy. The show is gearing up for its tenth season and after all these years, there are still some lines that will make you laugh even today. Here are some Curb Your Enthusiasm quotes that are still hilarious today.

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Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9
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10 "It's nice to be affectionate to something German. You don't get the opportunity that often, you know."

Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9

It's hard to imagine Larry being pleasant to any living creature, but as it turns out, he is something of a dog person. Even Jeff is surprised by the fact that Larry takes such a liking to his German Shepard, Oscar. But as Larry points out, he enjoys the rare opportunity to like something German.

In perfect Larry David fashion, he briefly appears to be a normal human by showing affection to a dog, only to use the moment to quickly insult an entire nation of people. In his defense, German Shepards are very lovable.

9 "Devoted sister, beloved c***"

Curb Your Enthusiasm Cheryl and Larry

The series can be so fun yet so difficult to watch because any situation that is presented, you know that Larry is going to find a way to make things awkward. No matter what the situation is, Larry can be counted on to make things worse.

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So when Larry is put in charge of the obituary for Cheryl's deceased aunt, you just know it's going to be a disaster. Sure enough, the paper arrives and, despite his good intentions, Larry has included perhaps the most unfortunate typo he could have made.

8 "I'm trying to elevate small talk to medium talk."

Though some of the socially awkward situations Larry finds himself in are bad luck, a lot of the time it's just his own fault. He seems to have contempt for social interactions of any kind and this leads to some very blunt and insensitive remarks on his part.

For Larry, a dinner party is about the worst nightmare he could imagine. So after getting seated next to a stranger, Larry becomes bored with the usual small talk and decides to start asking some very personal questions in an attempt to take things up a notch.

7 "I can't stand the sound of the human voice."

Though Larry seems like the kind of person you would never want to spend time with, you do have to admire his ability to be completely honest. He seems to be totally aware of how rude he's being but dismisses it as his own personal beliefs.

However, his insistence that he refuses to listen to anyone sing because he hates the sound of the human voice is hilariously over the top. It's strange to be so entertained by someone who is so miserable.

6 "You get in that a**, Larry!"

Larry and Leon Curb Your Enthusiasm

Though Larry is the star of the show, Leon steals just about every scene he is in. Added to the show in Season 6, actor J.B. Smoove quickly became a highlight of the show and has remained Larry's close confidante ever since.

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Leon is a great foil to Larry, displaying the confidence and energy Larry often lacks. After Larry explains how someone insulted him and Larry did nothing, Leon gives him a memorable lesson in standing up for yourself. His long, rambling and wild rant is one of Leon's finest moments on the show.

5 "Yeah but it's not dirty talk. You chit chat."

Curb Your Enthusiasm Cheryl and Larry

It's hard to imagine how someone could put up with living with a person like Larry, yet his wife Cheryl did endure it for quite some time. Clearly, there are a lot of things that Larry does that annoy Cheryl and she's not afraid to point them out. Even when it comes to their sex life.

Cheryl explains that Larry talks too much during sex, but it's more what he talks about that is annoying. Seeing Larry engaging in meaningless conversation during sex is a hilarious sight. It's also totally true to the character that he wouldn't see anything wrong with that.

4 "Hey, mind your own business. How about that?"

Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm


Though Larry can be a lot to take at times, there are times where he seems to be representing all of us. He says those things we all wish we could say in social interactions but never do because it would be rude. And it doesn't take much to push Larry over that line where he'll let his opinions be known.

When walking down the street with his usual scowling expression, a woman passing cheerfully encourages him to smile. Larry immediately turns around and tells the woman off. Is it mean? Sure, but sometimes we don't feel like smiling.

3 "You must like lobster! It's good, it's good."

Curb Your Enthusiasm The N word

To Larry's credit, he can occasionally make a good point during one of his frequent rants. It doesn't happen often and he usually crosses the line at some point, but his observations can at times be very insightful.

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You can imagine that religion is a subject that Larry has a lot of opinions about. But his comparison between people pushing their religion on others and people pushing lobster on others is hilariously accurate. Sometimes all you need is a madman to point out the obvious to everyone else.

2 "He wanted to stop and chat with me - and I don't know him well enough for a stop and chat."

One of the things that made Seinfeld such a ground-breaking show was the way it established rules for commonplace social situations. These are situations we have all experienced, and the rules were also instantly recognizable. This idea is expanded upon in Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry basically coming up with rules that allow him to avoid social interactions.

After bumping into someone he knows, Larry says hello but keeps walking. He explains to Jeff that he just doesn't know the guy well enough to warrant a "stop-and-chat." It's very rude and also makes a lot of sense.

1 "A date is an experience you have with another person that makes you appreciate being alone."

Larry David Smiling Curb your enthusiasm

The way Larry looks at the world is very unique and fascinating. His cynical, overly negative view of everything must be exhausting to live with but it is a lot of fun to watch as a viewer. Even when it comes to dating, Larry has just about the worst attitude you can imagine.

While most people would welcome the opportunity to meet new people and try to make a connection, Larry has a different view. This is the perfect example of the kind of dark humor Curb Your Enthusiasm excels at making you laugh at such an unpleasant person.

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