10 Best Quotes from the Captain Marvel Movie

Captain Marvel gave us some pretty amazing quotes including a lot of powerful ones. Carol Danvers is a pretty inspirational character, and she was also surrounded by other inspiring women who had a lot of wisdom to give, too. Plus, this movie gave us a young Nick Fury who was here to make us laugh.

We’ve collected 10 of the best quotes from Captain Marvel. Some of them will make you feel badass and some will make you laugh, but either way, all of these quotes were definitely ones audiences will want to remember.

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10 “This Isn't About Fighting Wars. It's About Ending Them.”

This quote is from Mar-Vell talking about the lightyear engine and her work. It’s clear that Mar-Vell is a big inspiration and a mentor in Carol’s life, and Mar-Vell’s willingness to go against what she knew and save the Skrulls definitely influences Carol to do the same. This quote is also inspiring because it illuminates something bad about Kree culture. The Kree are all about being noble warriors, but fighting isn’t always the ultimate good.

9 “Tell The Supreme Intelligence That I’m Coming To End It. The War, The Lies, All Of It.”

Captain Marvel Jude Law Brie Larson
Jude Law and Brie Larson in Captain Marvel

At the end of the movie, Captain Marvel finally displays her full powers. She saves the earth and the Skrulls, and she kicks Yon-Rogg's butt. In this dramatic, inspiring moment, Captain Marvel tells Yon-Rogg to carry a message to the Supreme Intelligence. While we don’t know if Captain Marvel is ever actually able to complete this mission in the MCU, it’s definitely a worthy goal and one that can make fans excited to root for Captain Marvel as a hero.

8 “If there are lives at stake, I'll fly the plane.”

Captain Marvel Set Photo Brie Larson Jet

Carol Danvers was a hero long before she ever had any superpowers. As an Air Force pilot, she was always looking for ways to be her best and to save other people. When Mar-Vell needed to fly into space for a dangerous mission, Carol was happy to volunteer, even if it meant putting her own life at risk. Her willingness to sacrifice her own life for other people and to use her skills for good is part of what makes her such a great hero.

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7 “Call me young lady again, and I’m gonna put my foot in a place it's not supposed to be.”

Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau

Maria Rambeau is also an inspiring character and hero, and many fans would love to see more of her. She’s an accomplished pilot and highly skilled, and she and Carol were best friends as well as partners in the Air Force. With this quote, she makes it clear that she takes no crap from anyone and that she won’t be demeaned or referred to as a child. Rambeau definitely can hold her own, and she is willing in the film to make hard sacrifices to help save other people.

6 “Grunge is a good look for you.”

Carol Danvers Wearing a SHIELD Hat in Captain Marvel

This is one of the more lighthearted quotes on this list, but it definitely deserves its place. Fury says this to Carol after she dons her Nine Inch Nails outfit. This was a hilarious moment that showed audiences that they are dealing with a much younger Nick Fury who hasn’t been as hardened by the world yet. And, Carol Danvers really did look good in the grunge look which was a fun nod to the time period in which this movie was set.

5 “I’m not gonna fight your war, I’m going to end it.”

Captain Marvel is clearly inspired by her mentor Mar-Vell when she says this quote. She has broken free of the restraints, lies, and memory loss and is now trying to do the right thing. The war between the Kree and the Skrulls has claimed many lives, including many innocent ones. Captain Marvel shows that she is a formidable and admirable hero because, in the end, she’s more about ending wars and saving lives than she is about fighting.

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4 “Higher further faster, baby.”

Brie Larson and Maria Rambeau as pilots walking in Captain Marvel

This is a fun and easily quoted line that speaks to the heart of the film and who Captain Marvel is. As pilots in the Air Force, Maria and Carol would say this line to each other as a reminder of their skills and their desire to strive to be the best. This line is also a feminist one that can be applied to the movie itself and the excitement of Marvel finally having its first female-led movie.

3 “We Have No Idea What Threats Are Out There. We Can't Do This Alone. We Need You.”

Nick Fury says this line to Captain Marvel, but unfortunately, she has to leave to fulfill some other mission first. The encounter with Captain Marvel is clearly a driving force in Fury’s life and changes the course of his life forever. He is inspired by Captain Marvel to come up with the Avengers Initiative, even naming it after her plane. His time with Captain Marvel is what shows him that there are heroes and aliens out there and that he needs to be prepared.

2 “I Have Nothing To Prove To You.”

This moment might be one of the most powerful in the film, and it’s definitely a powerful and empowering line. Captain Marvel says this to Yon-Rogg after he tries to bait and goad her into fighting him and proving herself. When Captain Marvel quickly shows that she can kick his ass, she tells him she has nothing to prove. This is definitely a line that many women can relate to, and it was one of the best in the movie.

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1 1.“ I’ve Been Fighting With One Arm Behind My Back. What Happens When I'm Finally Set Free?”

Arguably the best line in the movie could be this one. This moment is an exciting and dramatic one in the movie. When Captain Marvel removes the inhibitor that’s been put in her neck, she is finally able to show the full extent of her powers, and she really is powerful. This line also resonates with many women, and other minorities, who can relate to the feeling of being inhibited by society only to find their own power.

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