A Quiet Place Meets The Office in Parody Trailer

Finally, someone has fused the trailer from A Quiet Place to footage from The Office, into the most holy of creations: A Dwight Place.

For those who saw John Krasinski's powerful new film A Quiet Place last weekend, this was a long time coming. After the film's incredibly successful opening weekend, fans all over the internet have been creating and posting memes that are melding the antics of employees at Dunder Mifflin in Scranton, Pennsylvania with the post-apocalyptic world where roving creatures seek out and kill anything that makes noise. Many of them are really great, captureing the joy of the series and the film in only a couple of images. But nothing can top this new fan-made trailer from YouTube's own Media Muse.

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Taking a large amount footage from the cold open of season eight's episode "Trivia", and a couple of Mose scenes for good measure, Media Muse is able to inject some of the horror of A Quiet Place with a good bit of Office fun. The cold open of "Trivia" features the "longest silence streak in office history" that concludes around 20 minutes when Kevin eats a candy bar. Media Muse rackets up the tension with some clever editing, especially where Mose is concerned. It's the perfect marriage of John Krasinski's stint as Jim Halpert and his new film.

One of the better parts of this video is the inclusion of Dwight's weirdo cousin, Mose. Out of all 9 seasons of The Office, his appearance has always steered the show to the creepier corner of the series with Dwight and Schrute Farms. While Kevin may be the one to ruin the safety of silence for the rest of us, Mose might just be the reckoning that lurks in the shadowy spaces of Scranton.

It's safe to say that Krasinski took us all by surprise, much like Jordan Peele did with last year's Get Out. A Quiet Place has had an incredibly successful weekend, coupling a $50 million opening weekend with both critical and audience praise. This may feel like John Krasinski's directorial debut, but it actually happens to be his third film as director. That might explain the smart and efficient edits he made to pare down the runtime to a brisk 90 minutes. While he's obviously got a pretty strong background in comedy, A Quiet Place proves that he is someone to keep an eye on for future ventures. Maybe he'll even return for a sequel.

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Source: Media Muse

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