Does A Quiet Place Have An End-Credits Scene?

A Quiet Place is a modern take on the introspective monster movie, with deep, believable characters, intimidating creatures, and plenty of scares – of both the 'manipulative jump scare' and 'genuine terror' variety. When the tension finally ends, and the audience lets out an exasperated sigh of relief at having survived this unique horror experience, is it really over - or is there something extra hiding in A Quiet Place's end-credits?

It's a cheap, but obnoxiously common tactic for horror films to resolve the main plot before setting up a sequel. How many Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween movies end with the killer opening his eyes, revealing himself to be "not really dead?"

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Fortunately, A Quiet Place does not have a post-credits scene. Without spoiling anything, the movie wraps on a solid note - not ruling out the possibility of a sequel, but not deliberately trying to set one up either. When the credits finally hit, the audience can leave, knowing they've witnessed a complete story, from beginning to end. Director/star John Krasinski has crafted a timeless horror tale which simply does not need the modern cliché of a post-credits stinger.

John Krasinski in A Quiet Place

There's a time and a place for post-credits scenes. Marvel's superhero movies would arguably feel incomplete without a tease for another chapter, but not every type of movie needs a post-credits stinger. A Quiet Place is a callback to Spielberg classics like Jaws and Jurassic Park, and if neither of those films needed a final tag, then neither does this.

John Krasinski is already a household name thanks to his role in the classic NBC comedy, The Office. It came as a surprise to many when he bulked up to become a certified hunk for the Michael Bay war film, 13 Hours, and he's similarly jacked (and frequently shirtless) in Amazon's upcoming Jack Ryan series. A Quiet Place is his third feature as director (after family drama The Hollars and indie dramedy Brief Interviews with Hideous Men), and he's obviously got a bright future ahead of him. Who knows, maybe he'll direct himself as Mr. Fantastic when Marvel's first family finally makes their way to the MCU!

...Well, probably not, but, in any case, the future is wide open for Krasinski.

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