A Quiet Place Monsters Are From Outer Space, Says John Krasinski

A Quiet Place star and director John Krasinski has confirmed the creatures seen in the movie are from space. A Quiet Place follows a family trying to survive in the wake of an invasion of monsters who hunt by sound; to stay alive, the family live in near total silence. It's a great hook for a horror movie, and Krasinski is able to wring every ounce of tension he can from the setup.

The movie also features great performances and visual storytelling, and positive reviews and word of mouth propelled the movie to a huge $71 million worldwide gross on its opening weekend. The monsters seen in the movie are freakish creatures gifted with hypersensitive hearing, but while the story drops hints about what they could be, the movie leaves it up to viewers to decide.

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In a new interview with Empire, A Quiet Place helmer John Krasinski has confirmed the origins of the monsters, and what the logic behind their design was.

They're definitely aliens. They're an evolutionary perfect machine. The idea is if they grew up on a planet that had no humans and no light, then they don't need eyes, they can only hunt by sound. They also develop a way to protect themselves from everything else – that's why they're bulletproof.

The other idea was it's also the reason why they were able to survive an explosion on their planet and then survive on these meteorites. Until they open themselves up to be vulnerable, they're completely invulnerable.

Krasinski compares the creatures to parasites who are introduced into an ecosystem – in this case, Earth – that is completely ill-equipped to deal with them, which is why they take over so fast. The creatures also don't have any great invasion plan or agenda in mind; they're just looking for things to eat. That's what makes the movie so unbearably tense whenever they appear since once the hunt begins, they're relentless.

The success of A Quiet Place all but guarantees a sequel, with writers Bryan Woods and Scott Beck claiming to have lots of ideas for a potential follow-up. The movie ends on a note of some hope, indicating the creatures aren't completely invulnerable after all, so it would interesting to see where the story could evolve from there.

The two writers recently stated that when they were working on the spec script for A Quiet Place, they briefly considered retooling it as a Cloverfield movie. The studio opted to keep it as an original property, though this didn't stop fans spotting similarities between the two and spreading a theory that A Quiet Place was a stealth Cloverfield project. This was debunked with the release of the actual movie, which contains no nods to Cloverfield, though some feel it would have made a more appropriate third instalment than The Cloverfield Paradox.

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Source: Empire

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