A Quiet Place Honest Trailer: A Horror Movie About Shutting the F*** Up

Horror hit A Quiet Place has received the hilarious Honest Trailer treatment. A Quiet Place is set in a world that has been devastated by alien creatures that are almost invulnerable to gunfire, and hunt by sound. The story follows a family who struggles to survive in an environment where one wrong move could get them killed. It’s a great premise for a horror movie, and star/director John Krasinski milks every ounce of suspense from the concept.

Some fans theorized A Quiet Place was actually a stealth sequel to Cloverfield before release, and while the screenwriters actually considered pitching the movie as one, it was decided it would work better as a standalone story. Much of A Quiet Place plays out with little in the way of music or dialogue, which encourages viewers to also quiet down and pay attention.

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Some fans also had fun poking holes in the logic of A Quiet Place, and the movie’s Honest Trailer does so with glee. The voiceover is uncharacteristically toned down and pitches this scary new world as a father’s dream - his kids have to stay completely quiet at all times, he gets to go fishing and the children can’t enter his ‘mancave.’ The trailer also gives credit to Krasinski’s taut direction, while pointing out the strange parallels to Titanic and the amount of Tarantino-esque foot shots.

While the movie didn’t seem to be setting itself up for a sequel, production company Platinum Dunes have since confirmed A Quiet Place 2 is being planned. Krasinski will return, but it hasn’t been confirmed if he’ll star or direct it just yet. It’s also been suggested a sequel could focus on a new group of survivors, but Platinum Dunes have stated they’re going to take time to develop the sequel to make sure it lives up to the original. While some felt A Quiet Place would have been a good project for Blumhouse, producer Jason Blum recently confessed he probably won’t have done as good a job, since it would have been produced on a much lower budget.

Just like 2017 before it, 2018 is turning out to be a great time for the horror genre. Between A Quiet Place, Hereditary and upcoming movies like the Suspiria remake and Blumhouse’s Halloween, it’s becoming something of a new golden era for horror fans.

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