How A Quiet Place 2 Will Differ From Jaws & Alien Sequels

John Krasinski feels A Quiet Place 2 will differ from the sequels to Jaws and Alien in one crucial detail. A Quiet Place became – ironically enough – a huge word of mouth success earlier this year, thanks to the unique concept, creepy monsters and the great performances. While director/star John Krasinski was a newcomer to the horror genre, he displayed a natural talent for it and managed to create several nail-biting setpieces.

The story of A Quiet Place follows a family who must live in near total silence, following the invasion of a race of blind alien creatures who hunt by sound. The movie's success practically guaranteed a sequel, but while the movie ends on something of a hopeful note, it didn’t necessarily set itself up for one either. It’s since been confirmed Krasinski will return to write the script, though there’s no word yet on if he’ll direct, or if any of the stars of the original will feature in the new story.

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The original movie teased a much bigger world outside of the central family, and speaking with EW, John Krasinski reveals how A Quiet Place 2 will differ to other monster focused franchises.

This is a world you can play in, this isn’t just a character to remake…. it’s actually a world, which is a whole different, very unique experience. It’s not like Alien or Jaws where the main villain is the thing you’re repeating; it’s an actual entire set of rules and the circumstance that the world has undergone that you can play in very different facets.

Krasinski is still playing coy on the actual concept of A Quiet Place 2, only revealing he nearly passed on the sequel until ‘a very small idea’ sparked his imagination. In the same interview, Krasinski’s co-star and wife Emily Blunt teased a follow-up could show the family from A Quiet Place before the invasion and after the events of the original movie because audiences are invested in their characters.

Krasinski has spoken many times about how much Jaws, in particular, influenced his style directing the first movie. While Jaws is a genuine classic of the genre, the same can’t be argued for its sequels. Jaws 2, for instance, is an entertaining sequel with some memorable setpieces of its own, but the concept is ultimately the same as the original; killer shark attacks Amity. The world of A Quiet Place, on the other hand, offers any number of creative possibilities, and it sounds like Krasinski wants to use the concept – and the not the monsters – as his jumping off point for A Quiet Place 2.

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Source: EW

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