Quiet Place 2: John Krasinski Celebrates Start of Filming With BTS Photo

John Krasinski has posted a behind the scenes photo confirming that filming on A Quiet Place 2 is officially underway. Having already directed a pair of feature films, Krasinski made the leap to the big leagues with his third time at-bat on last year's A Quiet Place. The sci-fi horror-thriller took place in a world that had been overrun by blind-but-deadly creatures that are highly sensitive to sound, and followed a small family as they struggled to stay alive. It went on to become a critical success thanks to its unique premise, strong performances, and Krasinski's tight direction.

Seeing as A Quiet Place grossed $340 million worldwide against a $17 million budget, it's little wonder that Paramount green-lit a sequel as quickly as they did. And while Krasinski's involvement was left up in the air for several months after A Quiet Place 2 had been dated for March 2020, the actor-filmmaker was finally confirmed to both write and direct the film back in February. Production subsequently got underway four months after, as Paramount announced near the end of June.

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Krasinski took to Twitter earlier today to announce that filming on A Quiet Place 2 has officially begun, and posted a behind the scenes photo to mark the occasion (see below). For the time being, however, the movie is being referred to as simply Part II, rather than A Quiet Place 2 or even A Quiet Place: Part II.

Krasinski, of course, won't be appearing in A Quiet Place 2 outside of potential flashbacks or dream sequences since his character, Lee Abbott, sacrificed his life to save his kids during the first movie. His real-life wife Emily Blunt will be back as Evelyn Abbott, though, along with Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe as their onscreen children, Regan and Marcus. Brian Tyree Henry and Cillian Murphy are the only new cast additions that've been confirmed so far, and are believed to be playing other people that've managed to survive in the sequel's post-apocalyptic setting. Whether they'll be friend or foe to the Abbotts, that's another matter.

According to the BTS photo that Krasinski posted, A Quiet Place 2 is being shot by cinematographer Polly Morgan. With previous credits that include the mind-bending visuals of Noah Hawley's X-Men series Legion, Morgan seems like a worthy replacement for A Quiet Place DP Charlotte Bruus Christensen. The first film was quite beautifully (and thoughtfully) shot, so it's encouraging to see that Krasinski has reached out to another talented woman to help him envision A Quiet Place 2. Add that to the pile of reasons why movie buffs are excited for this sequel in general.

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