Everything We Know About A Quiet Place 2

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place 2

A Quiet Place 2 is coming to theaters in spring 2020, continuing the story of sound-sensitive monsters began in 2018's surprise hit. A Quiet Place 2 is the sequel to A Quiet Place, starring John Krasinski (who also wrote and directed), Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe.

A Quiet Place followed the Abbott family — Lee (Krasinski), Evelyn (Blunt), Regan (Simmonds), and Marcus (Jupe) — as they navigated a world where aliens with extremely acute hearing abilities have wiped out a large portion of the population. The Abbotts live on a farm where silence is observed at all times to avoid aliens finding and killing them. The family's world is turned upside down when a chain of noisy events alerts the aliens to their home and they must try to survive as best they can. A Quiet Place made a big noise at the box office with its contained yet completely terrifying premise. By the time it left theaters, A Quiet Place had pocketed $188 million domestically and more than $340 million worldwide.

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Production on A Quiet Place 2 is underway, but what exactly will the new movie be about? Here's what we know about the upcoming sequel, including who is directing, who is starring, and when a trailer will be released.

A Quiet Place 2's 2020 Release Date

A Quiet Place 2 will be released March 20, 2020. March 2020 is already shaping up to be a tough month's worth of competition at the box office. Releasing at the beginning of March is Pixar's Onward, with Godzilla vs. Kong and The Invisible Man releasing the following week. One original film, another a new installment in the MonsterVerse franchise, and a third bringing to life a classic Universal Monster character; talk about a formidable lineup. With these films already in theaters and Disney's live-action remake of Mulan opening the week after it, A Quiet Place 2 is going to have to work hard to stand out. No doubt the many fans who helped drive box office sales for the first film will return to see the sequel, but that doesn't mean it won't be a heated box office battle.

John Krasinski Is A Quiet Place 2's Director

John Krasinski will return to direct A Quiet Place 2. He also gets the credit for penning the script this time around, too, just like he did with A Quiet Place. This sequel will be Krasinski's third time as the director on a feature-length film, with A Quiet Place and 2016's The Hollars already under his belt. Krasinski cut his teeth as a director on hit NBC comedy series The Office, which he also starred on for nine seasons.

A Quiet Place 2 Plot

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place

Who else is alive in addition to the Abbotts is something that will be addressed in A Quiet Place 2. During an interview on The Big Picture podcast, Krasinski revealed he hoped A Quiet Place 2 would offer hints about other survivors from the alien attacks mentioned in the first film:

"With A Quiet Place 2, we have the world. So it’s actually the world that’s built, it’s the idea that the rest of the world is going through this exact same experience. Are there other people that have to survive like this? It’s that idea of living through the set of circumstances, not again in the same way obviously, but exploring it more. You only got to do it intimately for a small amount of time, so what happens next?"

Aside from this hint about the plot, no other details have been released. If A Quiet Place 2 picks up any time after the events of A Quiet Place, then we know the fallout from the death of patriarch Lee Abbott will be addressed. It's possible eldest Abbott child Regan be recreating the tech to make the feedback loop which defeated the alien threatening her at the end of A Quiet Place.

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A Quiet Place 2 Cast

Audiences will see some familiar faces in A Quiet Place 2. Emily Blunt will reprise her role as Evelyn; Millicent Simmonds is back as Regan; and Noah Jupe will appear once again as Marcus.

As of July 2019, two additional actors have been added to the A Quiet Place 2 cast: Cillian Murphy in March and Brian Tyree Henry in June, just before filming began. No details have been released about either actor's character. It's unclear if there are plans to add other new actors to the cast. Even if no others are added, Henry and Murphy very solid additions who will help breathe some new life into the sequel.

A Quiet Place 2 Will Add New Characters

As previously mentioned, Krasinski teased before filming began he wanted the sequel to expand the world of the film and introduce other survivors into the mix. We saw evidence the Abbotts weren't the only people who had survived the alien invasion in A Quiet Place. In one notable scene, Lee lights a fire atop a silo on the Abbott's farm and, as he looks out into the distance, other fires can be seen signaling other survivors are nearby. Also, during their supply gathering session, Lee and Marcus come across an elderly man in the woods, waiting to make noise so the aliens could kill him.

Henry and Murphy's characters likely fit into this expanding world as new survivors coming into the picture. For now, it's still tough to tell how exactly they fit into the story with no character breakdowns released.

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A Quiet Place 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for A Quiet Place 2 just yet, which is unsurprising given that production began in June 2019. Krasinski shared a behind-the-scenes photo on Twitter which featured a clapboard which had "Part II" written on it.

With the film currently scheduled for release on March 2020, A Quiet Place 2 trailer could arrive as early as fall 2019. Since A Quiet Place 2 is a Paramount Pictures film, it could appear ahead of October's Gemini Man, starring Will Smith, or November's Terminator: Dark FateBoth films have varying degrees of sci-fi, thriller, and action elements, much like A Quiet Place 2 will ostensibly have. This would make the A Quiet Place 2 trailer a sensible pairing and would help build some early buzz around the forthcoming film.

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Key Release Dates
  • A Quiet Place 2 (2020) release date: Mar 20, 2020
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