New Quicksilver Comic Freezes Marvel's Universe in Time

As part of the latest Avengers event, Quicksilver: No Surrender is coming to freeze the Marvel Comics Universe around the speedster. With Marvel once again relaunching their comics, a number of big changes are occurring in key stories. One of the most prominent is 'No Surrender,' an arc by Al Ewing, Jim Zub, and Mark Waid that’s playing out in the pages of the main Avengers book. When it concludes, all other titles bearing the team’s name will end - and a new status quo will be established. But in the meantime... things aren’t looking good for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The original Grandmaster, now known as the Challenger, and the more well-known version of the Eternal have chosen Earth as their latest game board. There, both the Black Order and a new Lethal Legion are duking it out with the various Avengers teams caught in the crossfire. The book has allowed a number of characters to shine, like Living Lightning and Rogue, and it’s seen Marvel finally give Quicksilver his due.

In fact, he’ll be getting his own series that will take place right in the middle of the current conflict.

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CBR spoke with writer Saladin Ahmed, who has won acclaim for his work on the Black Bolt series and who will be tackling Quicksilver: No Surrender. Marvel seems ready to have him give a similar treatment to a much more loquacious, but equally as misunderstood hero. In the interview, Ahmed revealed the interesting conceit of the new story alongside the debut of the first issue's cover by Marrin Simmonds:

"I don’t want to say too much because of spoilers, but at some point in “No Surrender” Pietro finds himself in a kind of frozen reality. He could do that for little stretches when he went into his super speed, but now he can’t get out of that. So he’s sort of stuck wandering a frozen Earth."

Check out the cover art below:

As Marvel naturally doesn’t want to spoil the end of their weekly ‘No Surrender’ story, the Quicksilver tale will use the hero’s super-speed to actually stop time. Quicksilver has done this in a way before, but it seems the book will find something mysterious trapping Pietro in the frozen world. The result will be an exploration of the character and his past, with an intriguing horror element thrown in due to the unique version of isolation Quicksilver is forced into:

"Even though he’s surrounded by billions of people they’re all out of sync with him. He quickly discovers, though, that there is something else out there; something malign that seems to be taking victims from among the frozen people around him. So in our first issue, Quicksilver discovers more about this threat. There is something else out there, but not least as far as he can tell."

The fresh start Marvel is promising will clearly deal with the aftermath of 'No Surrender' and the upcoming Infinity Countdown event, but both have the potential to introduce exciting new threads to the comics. Quicksilver’s frozen fate and the mysterious Challenger are just part of what’s brewing, as Voyager has rewritten Marvel history with her appearance as a founding Avenger. Not much is known about the new/old hero, but her power to teleport and its connection to quantum entanglement may tease that all the craziness of ‘No Surrender’ is tied to something bigger.

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Quicksilver: No Surrender is available from Marvel and local comic stores.

Source: CBR

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