Quicksilver Just Turned Magneto Into A Clown (Literally)

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Quicksilver: No Surrender #1

The first issue of Marvel's Quicksilver: No Surrender comic lets the speedster get some revenge on a frozen Magneto. While time is apparently frozen, Quicksilver humorously dresses up the Master of Magnetism as a clown.

Announced in February, Quicksilver: No Surrender ties in to the ending of the 16-part weekly event "Avengers: No Surrender", which saw three teams of Avengers come together to save the world from the Grandmaster and his long-lost brother, the Challenger. Most of Earth's heroes were frozen and unable to help until Quicksilver found a way to free them. He did it by reaching a new level of speed - that seemed to kill him.

The Avengers remembered him as a hero at the end of the battle, but Scarlet Witch believed that her brother was somehow still alive. For fans, Quicksilver's role in the story finally gave the hero his due.

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In Quicksilver: No Surrender #1, we discover that Pietro is indeed alive and well, but the world isn't the same as what it was. Time appears to have stopped, causing everyone in the world to be "stuck in mid-moment". He eventually realizes that he has been "ripped loose from normal time". Unable to interact with anyone, Quicksilver quickly becomes lonely and bored. To entertain himself, Pietro looks for ways to get back at people who annoy him.

After running to a costume shop, he dresses Magneto up like a clown and takes a selfie to immortalize the moment. But Quicksilver doesn't stop there, making Rogue and Human Torch carry an "I'm With Stupid" sign as payback for Rogue's recent decision to fire him from the Avengers for his recklessness.

Known for his impatient and arrogant attitude, Quicksilver has always had difficulties in getting along with others. His feuds with other superheroes date all the way back to the days of Cap's Kooky Quartet in the mid-1960s, when his ego often clashed with Hawkeye's. Even now, Quicksilver finds himself doubted by his teammates. After being blamed for another Avenger's injury, Quicksilver was fired by Rogue from the Avengers Unity Division, and was benched—again, by Rogue—during Avengers: No Surrender.

Quicksilver's playful behavior in his new series can be considered as a treat to the speedster's fans, including those who have enjoyed Evan Peters' performance as the character in the latest trilogy of X-Men films. Peters' version of Quicksilver uses his super speed to play pranks on others, while comic book Quicksilver is generally shown to be more serious, which is why fans may find the tone of the new series refreshing.

As Quicksilver's new adventure continues, we may see more of Quicksilver's attempts to get back at some of his least favorite people.

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Quicksilver: No Surrender #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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