10 Questions We Still Have After Season 1 Of Dead To Me

Dead To Me is a recently-released Netflix series consisting of ten 30-minute episodes that are nearly impossible not to binge. Once an episode ends, you end up with the "potato chip syndrome" where you can't just have one—you have to have more!

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Now that season 1 is over, we are practically starving for more episodes of the series, which is uniquely considered to be a "traumedy" as opposed to the "dramedy" genre we are all quite familiar with. There are still so many questions that we need to have answered if Netflix ends up adding a season 2 to the list. What is everything we still need to know in season 2? Read the list below to find out!

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One of the big questions that will affect the outcome of the next season (if there is one) is whether or not Jen will forgive Judy after finding out how, after all this time, Judy was the one who ran over her husband in the hit-and-run car accident. It seems as though the two are even now because Jen killed Steve, but that makes us ask, why? Did Jen kill him as a form of self-defense? Did she kill him because she was told by her gun-loving neighbor that if a person doesn't leave your property after you've asked them to, you have the right to shoot them?

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Even though Jen and Judy are "even" now, Jen could easily hold a grudge over the fact that Judy has been living under her roof this whole time while lying to her face. We will have to wait and find out what the outcome of their friendship will be.


This is another big question that will ultimately affect the beloved friendship shared between the two women. Will Judy be able to forgive Jen for killing Steve? As much of a jerk as Steve is (or should I say was), Judy still was very much in love with her ex. How will she be able to cope with the stress of all this?

Despite Judy's warm and forgiving nature, this isn't a situation that can be easily forgiven so quickly unless there is a more understanding reason as to why Jen shot him other than "he wouldn't leave my property." As Judy has previously stated when responding to Steve's remark on how Jen and Judy couldn't possibly be friends due to all of their baggage, their friendship is just an extremely layered one. Layered indeed, if they choose to keep their bond alive!


Judy has a habit of stepping right into the danger zone in any given situation. For example, she decided to create a strong bond and live under the same roof as the woman whose husband she killed. She even continues to date Nick despite the fact that he's a detective. Just when you think Judy couldn't possibly place herself in a more dangerous situation, she goes on and tells Jen that Nick can help her out in trying to find the person who killed her husband.

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Because of Judy's habit when it comes to playing with fire, could she continue this pattern by getting back together with Nick? Maybe if she got back with Nick, he wouldn't continue to sniff around so much for a confession from Judy. Maybe Judy will even confess to Nick about the hit-and-run.


Since we last saw Jen's kids, they're trying their best to go back to their normal lives after the recent death of their father. Charlie has since moved back to live with Jen after living with Ted's mother, Lorna. Henry is now a part of the church's singing/dance crew The Holy Harmonies, and he seems to be thriving.

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But how long will this successful turn of events go on for, now that there is blood on their mother's hands? They seemed to be pretty out of control before things started to get remotely better. Charlie had a loaded gun in his backpack and Henry had a total fit during his school choir concert. These aren't normal behaviors of young children, even ones who have just suffered great loss.


As the episodes of Dead To Me unfolded, we had more and more revealed to us about Ted and Jen's supposedly "happy" marriage. For one thing, Ted had been cheating on Jen for over a year with the youthful and naive Bambi. We find out that it was more than a sexual relationship and that they considered themselves to be boyfriend and girlfriend, so clearly it was more serious than anyone expected (especially Jen).

We find how Ted "killed Jen off" to Bambi, claiming she died of breast cancer. We also later discover the giant fight the two had right before Ted got hit by Judy. But did she hit him, or did he jump out at her on purpose?


Perhaps the biggest question of all is, will Jen and Judy be able to get away with their crime for killing Steve? It seems difficult to assume these two will be able to get away with everything, considering the fact that Nick is already onto them. At least, onto Judy, that is.

Also, how are they going to hide the body from the children? Eventually, they're going to notice that a dead man covered in blood is floating in their pool. We will have to wait until season 2 to figure everything out.


As the show left off, Judy had broken up with Nick to save herself from the risk of dating a detective and to be with Steve after she comes to the conclusion that she's pregnant. Nick then slowly comes to the realization that it was Judy who was responsible for the hit-and-run all along, as he can tell by the fact that she owned the same car as the one that hit Ted.

Will Nick continue to investigate as the end of the season suggests, or will he possibly join forces with them? It seems unlikely that he will, but what if Judy and Nick get back together? As we could see, he truly liked her and cared for her, so we will have to wait for a season 2 in order to find out.


Okay, so this seems rather unlikely, but is it possible that Judy and Steve really are cursed after Steve took the rock from the retreat in the Petrified Forest in Sedona? The sign clearly said not to take any of the rocks, but of course, Steve went ahead and took one (classic Steve) and this did not sit well with Judy.

If there really is a curse when it comes to Steve stealing the rock, what does this mean for the show? Will it take on a more mystical vibe? It already has a lot of genres to juggle, so this seems unlikely, but who knows? If Judy believes in the curse, it might get to her and prevent her from seeing her future in a positive light.


Judy has experienced a lot of darkness in the past couple of weeks. She ran over a man and killed him by complete accident, she's had to live with the guilt, she discovered she couldn't have kids, found out Steve was dating someone else, and, um, watched her dead ex-lover floating in a pool while covered in blood. That's a whole lot to take in, so will there be any light for Judy at the end of the tunnel?

We know how much she wants to have kids and, from what we have seen in her interactions with Henry and Charlie, she would most likely make a great mother. Perhaps now is the worst possible time for Judy to adopt due to the pool incident, but maybe when things settle down we will see her raising a family. That is, if things ever do settle down, but that may be nothing more than a fantasy at this point.


Currently, we have no information on whether or not there will even be a season 2 of the series. The chances are likely because the show was such a hit and gained a pretty significant fanbase, but we won't know for sure until the announcement is made. Because the show ended on such an intense cliffhanger, it would feel unfair for there to be no season 2, so we are keeping our fingers crossed and avoiding Mexican Lasagna at all costs until then!

What are you looking forward to if there is a season 2? Let us know!

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