10 Questions About The MCU We Still Have After Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home closes out phase 3 of the MCU, but what questions about the MCU's future does it raise?

Spider-Man Far From Home With Iron Man Mural

It’s a tough job to follow on from the mind-bending scale of Endgame but someone had to do it. Spider-Man: Far From Home is the last movie in the MCU’s incredibly dense third phase and Jon Watts, Tom Holland, et al have done a great job in creating a smaller-scale movie that’s got the storytelling stones of a much larger movie.

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The real questions going into Spidey’s second solo outing, however, were all about what’s next. Looking towards Phase 4 and beyond in the MCU, Spider-Man: Far From Home gives us a lot to base our predictions on until Marvel studios confirms its next move but it’s not answered everything. Here are ten spoiler-filled questions we still have about the MCU after Far From Home. 

10 Is the multiverse going to be a thing?

Trailers of the movie told us that Quentin Beck - Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio - was from another version of our earth and that Spider-Man: Far From Home would explore the multi-verse theory. Of course, we now know that isn’t the case but for what Marvel has got planned, like bringing in the Eternals and eventually the X-Men, the multi-verse could still conceivably be on the table for the MCU.

And if Peter is now taking on the mantle of Iron Man, he’s got to start thinking more like him. And we all know Tony Stark would start working out the multi-verse theory just from someone mentioning it to him.

9 Is Cap still in play?

Much like the movie made by Peter Parker in Homecoming, there was an intro at the beginning of Far From Home that showed an In Memoriam of several members of the Avengers, including Captain America. There was talk after Endgame that while Steve effectively retired from being Captain American to hand his shield off to Sam - AKA Falcon - that doesn’t mean he won’t hang around in something of an advisory role.

The little In Memoriam sequence, however, might indicate that he’s now gone. Or much more likely, he’s just not around as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

8 Who are the Avengers?

A few times throughout Far From Home, Peter Parker is asked both where the Avengers are and whether he’s a part of the team. This is a question that’s not entirely answered by the end of the movie. It’s clear by the ending that Peter is going to play a huge part in the MCU going forward but other than that, we’re no clearer who exactly is now an Avenger and who isn’t.

There’s a bit of a rundown of a few characters after Peter asks if there’s anyone else that can help but Nick Fury gives an excuse for each one why they can’t be there. So until we get another Avengers or at least another team-up movie, we guess we don’t know who’s in the official line up.

7 Is Thor now a Guardian of the Galaxy?

Avengers Infinity War Thor Guardians Galaxy

Heading into the latest outing of the MCU, the question on everyone’s lips is wanting to find out whether Thor’s leaving with Rocket, Drax and Star-Lord means he’s no longer a member of the Avengers but now a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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It was always going to be unlikely that the Guardians turned up in Far From Home but it could have been something answered in a post-credits sting. That wasn’t the case however so we’ll have to just sit tight and wait for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. III to get the answer.

6 What Do the MCU’s TV Series Look Like?

It’s likely that the next time we see some of the MCU’s biggest characters will be in their Disney+ series on the new streaming service including Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch and Vision and Loki. But going into Far From Home, there was a question whether we’d see the setup for any of these.

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That wasn’t the case so we’ll need to wait and see what those series look like when Disney and Marvel release some more information. Fingers crossed for a really intense Falcon training montage as he takes over as Captain America.

5 When are the X-Men going to be introduced?

Since the Disney / Fox merger, there have been more questions and articles about how the X-Men will fit into the MCU than almost anything else. This could be where the multiverse comes in, or maybe the mutation that’s responsible for the X-Men’s powers could even be another effect of Thanos’ snap.

It was never likely that this question was answered by Spider-Man’s second solo movie, so to nobodies’ surprise, we’re none the wiser as to how this other huge part of the expanded universe will become part of our MCU.

4 Where do the Eternals fit in?

Of the few films we do have detail on, The Eternals is coming together with Chloé Zhao confirmed to direct and Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani in the cast.

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With this on the way, there was a question whether Far From Home would give audiences any indication of the movie’s direction or at the very least something of a hint of connective tissue between the existing MCU and this group of beings who share a lot of the same superhuman abilities.

3 Is Prowler on the table for Spider-Man 3?

After the ‘Make Donald Glover Spider-Man’ online campaign from a few years ago, it was a nice note when he was introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Aaron Davis - or as he’s also known in Marvel comics, Prowler.

We saw Prowler in last year’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse but that’s not to say he can’t pop up in the MCU movies. Donald Glover even mentioned his nephew in Homecoming - that being Miles Morales, another incarnation of Spider-Man. This was something that could have easily been called back to in Far From Home, whether or not it’s part of the MCU’s future plans.

2 Can The MCU’s Peter cross back into Sony’s Spidey-verse?

Tom Holland as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man with the Sinister Six and Venom

Since Peter Parker made he was back to Marvel, Tom Holland has cemented himself not just as a staple of the series but an incredibly integral role of the future of the MCU. Since then though, Sony has a bit of a Spider-Man hangover. We’ve seen a Venom movie, with another one on the way and talks about a few other Spider-Man adjacent films. But without being under the MCU banner, there’s a question of quality.

The question that wasn’t answered by Far From Home was whether Marvel and Sony could do a deal that brings to the two movie universes together so all the Marvel properties exist in one place.

1 What's next?

Perhaps the biggest question of them all; coming off Endgame, fans of the MCU movies want all the juicy detail for what’s coming next. We know all about the Disney+ series, a few films that have quietly been in production and one certain movie that’s not a lot of press thanks to a shift about with its director.

But Spider-Man: Far From Home didn’t really give much away. The post-credits sequences are setting something up - they just don’t go as far as telling audiences what that something is. It’s obvious that Disney is going to continue riding this wave of the MCU’s huge success so something big like Endgame will come about again - we just need to hang on to see what that is.

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