10 Questions The Alien: Covenant Sequel Needs To Answer

Ridley Scott announced recently that despite Alien: Covenant underperforming at the box office and Fox selling most of its cinematic assets to Disney, he is still working on another Alien sequel to complete the prequel trilogy that he began with Prometheus and Covenant.

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There is also a rumor that Scott will follow up this trilogy with another sequel that will tie the prequels and the original series together, but let’s just take it one movie at a time. Alien fans have a lot of burning questions left behind from the teases, setups, and plot twists from Prometheus and Covenant. So, here are 10 Questions The Alien: Covenant Sequel Needs To Answer.

10 Why did David bother saving the Covenant crew, just to then kill them?

Halfway through Alien: Covenant, David saves the crew of the Covenant – or a few of them, anyway – from the xenomorphs he created. Then, shortly afterwards, he makes it on board the Covenant ship with them and unleashes his xenomorphs on them, taking them out one by one.

Daniels was the only survivor, and once David had gotten her in a stasis pod, he’d taken over the Covenant with his precious xenomorph eggs and there was nothing she could do to stop him. But if his plan was to wipe out the crew of the Covenant and take over their ship, why wouldn’t he just do that to begin with?

9 Did the crew of the Covenant miss the perfect planet?

Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride in Alien: Covenant

In Alien: Covenant, the crew of the titular starship are drawn to a very dangerous planet where even the dust wants to kill them when they get a transmission of Elizabeth Shaw singing along to John Denver’s “Country Roads.”

We don’t get an awful lot of information about the technology used by the crew of the Covenant – or anyone in the Alien universe, for that matter – so for all we know, their galactic surveillance equipment isn’t great, and maybe before they were lured in by “Country Roads,” they missed the perfect planet to host human life. A sequel could answer this mystery.

8 Why did David send the “Country Roads” clip in the first place?

In order to lure in the humans and see out his evil masterplan, David sends them a crackly old transmission of Elizabeth Shaw singing “Country Roads,” but this is difficult for the crew of the Covenant to receive and even more difficult to decipher. Why wouldn’t David send a clearer message or a standard distress call?

It might just be for story purposes that he sent the “Country Roads” clip, but it seems as though there could be more meaning to this, and it would be interesting to see Ridley Scott explore that in a future installment of the franchise.

7 How has David been tampering with xenomorph DNA?

David's Experiments from Alien Covenant

David explains in Alien: Covenant that he’s been tampering with the xenomorphs’ DNA. But from what we know about the xenomorphs, this isn’t possible. Their use of eggs and chestbursters suggests that they need hosts to survive and reproduce.

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If David is a synthetic organism and he wiped out all the life on the Engineers’ planet, how did the xenomorphs keep reproducing for David to alter their DNA? Maybe there’s some technology on the Engineers’ ship that allows this, but we can’t just be left to assume that. The new sequel needs to explain how all of this went down.

6 Why did David kill the Engineers?

Prometheus Engineers to return in Alien: Paradise Lost

David seemed to have accepted Elizabeth’s desire to meet the Engineers and see what their plans for humanity were. However, in Covenant, we see David flying over the Engineers’ homeworld and massacring them by unleashing black goo. This was the same deadly black goo that the Engineers appeared to be planning to release to humans.

So, David’s plans seemed to change at the drop of a hat. First, he wanted to confront the Engineers. Next, he’s slaughtering them with their own gooey weapon. There are a few pieces missing from this puzzle that the new Alien sequel should answer.

5 What happened to Elizabeth Shaw?

Prometheus - Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw

While Covenant catches up with David following the events of Prometheus, he’s alone. Elizabeth Shaw is nowhere to be seen. Ridley Scott has claimed that the new Alien sequel, tentatively titled Alien: Awakening, will be set between Prometheus and Covenant, filling in the middle section.

One has to wonder why Scott has decided to make the trilogy in this order, but it’s certainly novel and might play to dramatic effect as Awakening ties plot threads from both movies together, answering all their lingering questions. Hopefully, it won’t just ask even more questions and leave us high and dry yet again.

4 How did David manage to overpower Walter?

The shocking plot twist at the end of Alien: Covenant was that the android we thought was Walter was really David, the evil one. He’d been affecting Walter’s American accent to fool everyone, but he’d actually defeated Walter during their fight and made it to the Covenant with the rest of the survivors.

(Michael Fassbender actually did a fantastic job of playing the two androids as distinct characters, especially since they shared a lot of the same scenes.) The last time we saw Walter – the real Walter – was in a scuffle with David, and Walter was winning. So, how did David overpower Walter?

3 Who put David back together?

Michael Fassbender as David in Alien Covenant

The last time we saw David before Covenant, he was being ripped apart by an Engineer. And yet, in Covenant, we see him fully functioning with all his parts in the right places. So, the burning question remains: who put David back together? The easiest answer is that Elizabeth Shaw foolishly pieced the evil android back together.

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Although this can be assumed, it would be great to see it actually paid off in the movies’ canon. If the next Alien movie is set between Prometheus and Covenant, as has been rumored, then there’s a lucrative opportunity to fill in this plot hole with some plot logic cement.

2 Did Shaw ever make it to Paradise?

Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus

Paradise Lost was the initial title of Alien: Covenant before it was changed. The influence of John Milton’s classic poem about the relationship between God and the Devil can be seen in the relationship of Walter and David in the final film. But it also ties into the idea of “Paradise” in the Alien universe.

After the release of Prometheus, Scott said, “I’d love to explore where the hell [Dr. Shaw] goes next and what does she do when she gets there? Because if it is Paradise, Paradise cannot be what you think it is. Paradise has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous.” Did Shaw ever make it to Paradise?

1 What is David’s ultimate goal?

Michael Fassbender as David in Alien Covenant

At the end of Alien: Covenant, we’re treated to a harrowing plot twist. Daniels thinks she’s about to put into cryogenic sleep by Walter, having finally killed the xenomorph that made it onto their ship, but then Walter drops the American accent and we realize it’s actually David.

Now in control of the ship with Daniels asleep, David seems to be in the final stages of an evil plan, possibly breeding more xenomorphs and taking them back to Earth for a full-scale invasion. But that’s just speculation. His actual plan isn’t really clear. The next movie will need to explain that.

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