Tarantino Talks 'Basterds' Prequel & New Mystery Project

We've already known for quite a while that Quentin Tarantino is planning a prequel for his brilliant WWII flick, Inglourious Basterds. He already revealed back in May that he had half of the prequel already written, and a few months later, Inglourious Basterds producer Harvey Weinstein talked about the possibility of another film.

Now we've got an update on the Inglourious Basterds prequel, as well as on a new project that may be Tarantino's next, thanks to NYMag (and The Playlist). Firstly, regarding the Basterds prequel, Tarantino said that he's got 40 pages of it written - so not quite halfway as he said before, unless the runtime comes in at under an hour and a half, which for QT, I doubt.

Tarantino's not giving out any details about what the prequel may be about (or letting anyone see the script), although if you've been paying attention to the prequel rumors, you may be aware of some of the ideas he has for it, for example, a storyline about a group of African-American soldiers behind enemy lines.

There's no more information on the Basterds prequel for the time being, but moving on to the mystery project QT has up his sleeve, the writer/director reveals it's going to be, "smaller, less epic in scale," than Basterds and in, "a different genre entirely." He says he could finish it in about a five-to-six month period of intensive writing, which probably means we won't see it for quite a while. Unfortunately,Tarantino didn't reveal ANYTHING about what it might be about, but with his track record, you can pretty much count on the fact that it'll be different from what we've seen before (he moves from genre to genre quite freely).

So what could this mystery project of Tarantino's be and will it be his next? Well, with the help of the guys over at The Playlist, here's a roundup of all the projects Tarantino has on the "maybe" slate: a spaghetti Western; a 1930's set gangster film; and an adaptation of a Len Deighton spy novel. Could it be any of those? Of course, there's the recently announced Kill Bill 3, but with Tarantino mentioning that his next project will be be in 'an entirely different genre,' I really don't think a return to Kill Bill is what we're going to see.

Whatever this new project is, I doubt we'll see it for a long time, as Tarantino is notorious for announcing projects and taking absolutely AGES to get around to them, if he ever does (Basterds took over 10 years to hit screens, for example). As a huge fan of Tarantino, I'll always be waiting for his next project. Here's hoping this isn't just one of those films that forever remains pending.

Tarantino on the set of Kill Bill vol. 1

As far as a Basterds prequel is concerned, I'd be okay either way if he made one or didn't. Inglourious Basterds was such an amazing movie (best of the year, IMHO) that I don't think it needs anything added to it. But at the same time, I would love to once again hear Tarantino's witty and ever-listenable dialogue in a wartime setting.

Thoughts on an Inglourious Basterds prequel? Does it need another movie or is it best left at one? Also, what do you think this new mystery project could be? Is it any of those Tarantino already has on the maybe pile or is it a new project entirely?

Sources: NYMag and ThePlaylist

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