15Luke Cage: Hero For Hire

Quentin Tarantino Luke Cage

It took a long time for a live action version of Luke Cage to arrive, and over the years, actors such as Idris Elba, Jamie Foxx, and Tyrese were considered for the bulletproof hero. Mike Colter finally took on the role for the Netflix

series and has earned plenty of fans in the process.

While Tarantino prefers to create original characters rather than adapt pre-existing material, he’s considered a few comic book movies in the past. In addition to briefly mulling over a Green Lantern movie, legend has it that he wrote a Silver Surfer script in the early nineties. He’s also a vocal fan of the Luke Cage comic, and gave serious thought to helming an adaptation during the latter portion of that decade.

He thought Laurence Fishburne would be perfect for the role, and that it needed to stay close to the roots of the comic by being set in the 1970s. Tarantino eventually talked himself out of it, though, feeling he’d rather create a new comic book character than be boxed in by an existing creation.

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