14Kill Bill Prequel Animes

Kill Bill anime sequence

In the first volume of Kill Bill, Tarantino choose to depict the backstory of Lucy Liu’s O-Ren Ishii through a stylish – and incredibly gory – anime sequence. It was an unexpected but inspired touch, and Tarantino flirted with the idea of producing two anime prequels to the

Kill Bill saga.

The first would be an origin story for Bill, and how he transformed into a ruthless killer under his mentors Pai Mei and Hattori Hanzo. The second prequel would be an origin for The Bride, including how she met Bill and her time in Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. It doesn’t appear that development got very far on either movie, however, and it’s unknown if Uma Thurman or David Carradine would have reprised their roles.

It appears neither movie will happen now, and Tarantino goes back and forth on the notion of Volume 3, where Vernita Green’s grown daughter would come after The Bride seeking revenge for her mother's death.

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