Queer Eye: 10 Surprising Facts About The Fab Five You Don’t Learn On The Show

The reality makeover series Queer Eye has become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon since it was picked up by Netflix for a third season in the summer of 2018. It follows the Fab Five, a loving and supportive cast that travel the country touching the lives of those who need a little makeover. As the tagline suggests, the heroes receive more than just an upgraded look. They learn to love themselves on the inside just as much as they do on the outside. Where outer confidence meets inner beauty, happiness is sure to follow.

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While we get an in-depth look into the lives of the heroes, we gain insight into the background of the Fab Five as well. But there's a lot about them we don't learn on the show. For anyone curious to know more, here are some interesting facts about the cast you might not know.

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10 Tan France Almost Quit the Reboot

It's hard to imagine where the heroes of Queer Eye would be without their amazing fashion advisor Tan France giving them the confidence they need to look and feel comfortable with the way they dress. So it comes as a surprise that Tan felt immense pressure when first starting out on the show and wanted to quit several times. He felt he needed to represent both the LGBT and Pakistani communities, being a part of both himself. He was also the only cast member without any experience in show business and felt he needed to put on some persona.

With some encouragement from his castmates and producers, he realized he just needed to be himself. By doing so he'd capture the hearts of all those he wanted to be a role model for. The advice led him to stay on for 3 seasons and agree to remain for a fourth and fifth.

9 Jonathan Van Ness Still Works As A Hair Stylist

Any moment featuring a big haircut and/or beard grooming reveal, our first thought is usually "wow they look fantastic." Our second thought may or not be "how do I get a haircut from JVN?" Well, you're in luck, the stylist is still giving out haircuts at a couple of salons: Mojo Hair in Los Angeles (which he co-owns with his business partner Monique Northrop) and Arte Salon in New York.

He's a busy many with a busy schedule, but to see if you can get our own Queer Eye moment from the professional groomer, check out his personal website.

8 Bobby Berk Has His Own Furniture Line

Bobby imparts numerous pieces of home decor wisdom in the show. Fans of his work will be delighted to know he has his own collaboration with A.R.T. Furniture which features several homey, unique, and warm styles.

The Mid-Century theme and Art Deco-inspired shapes produce a classy, minimalist look with enough visual flair to add a touch of personality.

7 Antoni Is Still Finding Himself

Antoni originally had reservations joining the cast because he doesn't consider himself strictly gay. While he currently has a boyfriend, he considers his sexuality more fluid than a single label. He has had close relationships with girls as well, and only one other gay relationship.

Coming out to his father, he simply said: "I love. I am loved. His name is Joey, and we live together." Working on Queer Eye has given the foodie more comfort in his own skin, and given him the confidence to simply be "Antoni" without the need for labels. To him, love is love.

6 Karamo Brown & Antoni Didn't Always Get Along

The culture expert of the show, Karamo Brown recently opened up about his friendship with Antoni during the show's first season of filming. Apparently, the two didn't speak at all, having "an extreme amount of conflict." They kept it professional on-camera, with the makeover hero of the episode as their first priority.

Karamo only reveals the reason for their feud on his podcast (check out the next entry) but the general gist is that there was a level of mistrust that was exacerbated by a third party. Apparently, certain rumors were being spread around about them to the point where they wouldn't even talk to each other. Luckily, the drama was all cleared up and they're great friends now.

5 Karamo Has a Podcast

If you've ever wanted Karamo to give you your own Queer Eye moment, you'll probably find what you are looking for on his podcast, hosted exclusively by Luminary. With thirteen episodes so far, including "It's not Selfish, It's Self-Care," "Letting Family In," and "The Impact of Rejection," you're sure to find some piece of life advice to hold on to.

With the help of personal friends and celebrity guests, the star imparts some deep wisdom that many might find enlightening.

4 Tan Was Discovered On Instagram

Tan hints at his many business endeavors in the show, but for the most part, we don't find out the details of his entrepreneurial accomplishments. Many wouldn't be surprised to know he owned a few clothing brands, mostly for ladies. One of his partners was a popular blogger on Instagram and she'd often promote their brand, and by extension, Tan himself.

Well, one of these posts was seen by a casting agent who asked for an audition. Tan didn't expect to come out of the interview cast as one of the members of the Fab Five, but he made a great first impression, even giving the interviewer his own little makeover.

3 Bobby Worked A Ton Of Retail Jobs Before Queer Eye

From the show, we learn that Bobby was kicked out from his home after coming out to his parents. Though he became a success, his road to fame was long and full of setbacks. To support himself, he worked a number of retail jobs at The Gap, American Eagle, West Elm, The Body Shop, Express, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Bobby eventually realized he needed to work for himself, and this led to him starting his own design firm in 2015.

2 Jonathan Was The First Male Cheerleader At His High School

Jonathan Van Ness Queer Eye season 4

Jonathan knew from a very young age that he was gay, or at least very different. "I was extremely flamboyant as a child," he says, coming out by the time he was in 6th grade. His sense of fashion was colorful and bright from practically the very start. Jonathan had a close group of friends to support him in his formative years. And recently, he's come out as nonbinary.

Jonathan's unique persona and confidence led him to become the first male cheerleader at his school when he was a senior in high school. As we now know, his passion for performing, gymnastics, and style led him to achieve some amazing things.

1 Antoni's Cookbook

All of Antoni's mouth-watering yet simple dishes from the show had to have fans wondering if there was a place they could get his recipes. Well, look no further than Antoni in the Kitchen as the cookbook is charmingly named.

While it won't actually be released until early September of this year, we do know that the book has 100 recipes both of his own making and inspired by his Polish heritage. For him, the book is more than just a collection of ingredients, but a compendium of dishes that shaped him into who he is today.

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