10 Yass-Worthy Netflix Shows to Watch if You Love Queer Eye

Queer Eye Netflix

We all know that one of the worst feelings  is coming to the end of your favorite show and realising you don't have anything else to fall back on, no series to binge or show to keep on in the background while you unwind. We all love Queer Eye, but the sad reality is that there isn't an infinite number of episodes. You'll eventually coming to the end.

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We wanted to take a look at the shows that people can turn to once they've made their way through Queer Eye, the shows that will get people through the wait until the next season of Queer Eye comes around!

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10 Amazing Interiors

While we all love the fact that the boys in Queer Eye make the effort to change the way that the people involved with the show look. They cut their hair, teach them how to use make-up properly and wear the right clothes. More than this, they also put in the work to make sure that the people in the show have somewhere beautiful to live.

If people in the audience enjoy seeing the insides of brilliant beautiful homes, they could do a lot worse than tuning into Amazing Interiors, which we can promise definitely lives up to its name.

9 Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Getting someone's life together is about a lot more than just throwing the right clothes in their room and doing their hair. This is why a lot of what Queer Eye is about is actually changing the way someone thinks, through a change in their surroundings and how they look.

Anyone that wants more examples of how changing things at home (tidying up and even throwing things away) can have a positive effect on someone's life should definitely turn to this show, where Marie Kondo teaches us all that we've been tidying up wrong our entire lives.

8 Grace And Frankie

For the first fictional show on our list, we've decided to take a look at Grace And Frankie, mainly because it has a similar to vibe to Queer Eye in that it centers around the fact the world is made up of all types, and preaches that we should be as inclusive as possible.

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The show teaches us that people can change at any point in their lives, that it is never too late to make change that we want or need. This is exactly the sort of thing that we loved in Queer Eye as well!

7 Stay Here

While it doesn't have the budget or the personalities of Queer Eye, this Netflix show follows a group of people as they seek to renovate a bunch of AirBnB rooms.

It's a sort of modern take on older renovation shows. While it doesn't have some of the key elements of our other favorite shows, it does scratch the itch when we're just looking for something to have on in the background that can teach us about how to best look after the rooms in our home.

6 Dating Around

One of the many things that we see in Queer Eye on a regular basis is the concept of how difficult it can be to find love in a modern setting. This is especially the case when the person that is having their life changed doesn't feel that they can be loved, for whatever reason.

This show follows someone as they go on five dates with different people (all offering up a different experience on what is essentially the same date), before deciding which person they would go on a second date with to see if love will blossom.

5 The Great British Bake Off

Okay, so this one is a little bit out there and we could understand why some people would end up staying away, but there's something about the rather calm atmosphere and twee sensibility that reminds us of what it feels like to watch Queer Eye.

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It's a lot more reserved than a lot of the stuff that finds its way onto US television, but if anything we think of that as a positive. Stick this show on and just let the relaxed vibes wash over you, removing all of the stress from the day while we wait for the new season of Queer Eye!

4 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Not only is this a brilliant fictional representation of poor mental health (a problem that many people in the Queer Eye shows suffer with), but it also has a lot of the same vibe. It's all about a woman that needs to overcome her issues, who shouldn't let herself get bogged down and wallow, even though that could be really easy to do.

However, it also makes us laugh along the way, and it has a lot of amazing dance numbers thrown into the mix. There's not much else like it, so it's well worth a look!

3 The Good Place

This show follows a woman who ends up moving on from this world and finds herself in "The Good Place." This is interesting to her, because as far as she can remember she didn't exactly act well enough on Earth to end up in The Good Place!

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The whole thing has a very silly atmosphere to it, but that doesn't stop it from being incredibly funny, while also having a main female character, which is sadly unusual for a lot of shows (especially comedy shows). Give it a look one night when looking for something silly.

2 Atypical

There are so few shows out there that properly represent what life can be like while struggling with a mental disorder, so it's amazing to have shows like this that come along and do just that.

While it does have some funny moments, that doesn't change the fact that there are quite a few tearjerker situations as well. We think it'll have some people reaching for the tissues. For an honest look at what life can be like for people unlike ourselves, get this one on the screen.

1 Special

Another chance to take a look into the world of someone that is likely struggling with things that most aren't. This is a show based on the memoir of a young gay man named Ryan, who suffers with mild cerebral palsy.

Just like Queer Eye, this show will make people feel uplifted, warmed by the fact that there are people out there that continue to fight no matter how difficult it might get for them to do so. Throw in the fact that there are a lot of great laughs, and we don't think there's any excuse for someone not to give it a go.

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