Queer Eye: 10 Pieces Of Life Advice From The Fab Five

In just a short time, Queer Eye has grown into a beloved and wholesome reality TV show. Traveling from town to town, the Fab Five immerse themselves in the lives of their heroes and leave them with a breathtaking makeover. From clothing to life advice for men, the people featured on the show undergo a heartwarming and impressive transformation, reaching their highest potential for the sake of their loved ones and themselves.

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As put together as one might be, a little extra guidance from an expert never hurts. We've got tips and tricks from not one but five seasoned experts on fashion, grooming, decor, cooking, and culture. For anyone looking for a little self-improvement, here's some advice the Fab Five has given that we could all take note of (and that some fans have already put to use).

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10 Have The Conversation

Sometimes withholding the truth, whether it be with a close friend or family member, can hold you back from having a genuine relationship. You may fear their reaction, but living on knowing there are things left unsaid between you can be even more painful. AJ was hesitant to come out to his stepmother ("To Gay Or Not Too Gay"). William feared heartbreak and didn't know how to tell his girlfriend Shannan how he truly felt about her ("A Decent Proposal").

There are many more examples throughout the show, but the takeaway is that you shouldn't leave things unsaid. Tell your loved ones how you feel, because moving forward in a new light is always better than living in the dark.

9 Compliment Yourself And Others

Many of the heroes on Queer Eye say that they feel it's selfish to take care of themselves. But as the cast always say, it's not selfish, it's self-care. There's nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself, and you can always use that positive energy to help others as well.

We learned a valuable lesson in "When Robert Met Jamie" about casting aside self-deprecation in favor of highlighting your positive traits. When you reach a point when you can love yourself for who you are, it's easier to spread that attitude to those you care most about.

8 A Little Grooming Goes A Long Way

Some might see the meticulous stylings of Jonathan Van Ness as a little over the top. After all, how much can the fade of your beard really be noticed? Does hair texture make a difference? Do perfectly trimmed nails and clear skin really matter?

Turns out, yes. While you might not notice the details specifically, these little grooming habits do wonders for your overall look. It also shows you've gone the extra mile to take care of yourself, which reinforces the idea that you'll do the same in other facets of your life and for those you care most about.

7 Let Go Physically, Let Go Emotionally

Upon arriving in the homes of some of their heroes, it becomes apparent that they are holding on to the past by holding on to possessions from their past. This could be anything from clothing ("Dega Don't") to furniture ("The Renaissance of Remington") to the house itself ("On Golden Kenny").

While it's not always a bad thing to cherish the past, it can be damaging when its an anchor keeping you from moving forward. If you find yourself stuck in a rut emotionally, start by putting away the physical things that tie you to your past. Keep them somewhere you'll be able to find them should you need the comfort of familiarity. But fill your space with new objects and people, and by extension, new experiences. Cherish the past, but leave your own mark.

6 Style Is Not All About Looks, It's About Confidence

Tan France once said, "Honestly, I couldn't give a shit about fashion." It might seem like an odd statement from a fashion expert, but his meaning goes a little deeper. Tan has always put more of an emphasis on style rather than what's trending. Basic guidelines like dressing for your age and finding a comfortable fit are much more important than flashy looks and big-name brands.

Because ultimately, you should feel comfortable in the clothes you're in, both in how they fit on your body and what you see when you look in the mirror. Happy shopping!

5 A Tidy Living Space Heals The Mind

When you're feeling mentally overwhelmed, even small things like tidying up around the house can feel like a daunting task. This mental clutter often leads to physical clutter, which leads to a bigger mess that results in a vicious cycle.

If it seems hopeless at first, take heart from the fact that clearing the clutter works both ways. If you can't deal with something emotionally, clean up instead. You'll find that as your living space becomes neater, mental relief follows, better preparing you for the other challenges life throws at you. It all starts at home.

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Once you're out of the darkness, by practicing self-care and some of the other bits of advice on this list, hopefully, both your mind and home will remain comfortable places to live.

4 Preparing Food Shows You Care

Queer Eye season 3 Jones BBQ

There are many ways to show someone you love them, and for Antoni Porowski, one of the best ways is through cooking. Taking the time to prepare a thoughtful meal for someone you love goes a long way, and adds a personal touch to a meal.

The dish might be simple, but it's the thought that counts. Everyone loves food, and "Food is love." Experiencing something as a group helps build companionship and intimacy.

3 Skincare!

Who doesn't love a good skincare routine? Besides looking fresh and clean, you also feel it, giving you an extra boost of confidence to conquer the day knowing your skin is flawless.

The products and routines are almost endless, but the basics include a cleanser (exfoliates and masks are best done before bed) and moisturizer. For red spots, a green color-correcting concealer works miracles before applying make-up (or on its own). If you're stretched for cash, you can't go wrong with ice cubes from the freezer.

2 Hold Values But Practice Acceptance

In the episode "God Bless Gay," we gain important insight into the role of the church in the acceptance of LGBTQ people. We see a similar albeit more tragic story in "Black Girl Magic," in which we learn Jess has had to live on her own since she was kicked out of the house for coming out to her parents. She was 16.

We know members of the Fab Five practice religion, and we've met a number of heroes who grew up intolerant of homosexuality. However, the ultimate takeaway from every episode is that while it's important to have values, practicing acceptance of others is just as crucial. Keeping an open mind allows us to grow closer as a culture, even though we each bring something different to the table.

1 Love Yourself

Queer Eye Season 3

This is much easier said than done, and more of a journey than a simple piece of advice. But as we've learned from the Fab Five, happiness doesn't come from trying to impress others, but from being your own best self and doing things for you.

Often when a hero self-deprecates, Karamo will ask "who else is saying these things about you?" The answer is always "no one." The negative thoughts in our own minds are fabrications, and as such can be overcome. Until you've reached that level of enlightenment, it is enough to borrow the confidence of those closest to you, who will always have love to give if you have the courage to listen.

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