Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown Hasn't Spoken to Sean Spicer Since DWTS Backlash

Queer Eye: What Karamo Brown Did Before Joining the Fab Five

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown hasn't spoken to Sean Spicer since Dancing With The Stars backlash started. The former Real World star was just trying to have an open dialogue with the former ear to President Trump.

Earlier in the month, Spicer commented on the conversation he had with Brown since joining the dancing show. The White House press secretary said that they spoke about fun stuff to get to know each other. Spicer didn’t feel the conversation just had to be about politics as he acknowledged that Brown was excited about the opportunity and tried to foster an open dialogue between the two. Spicer ended the interview by saying he felt badly that Brown had received so much heat for trying to be a nice guy to him.

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Brown originally believed that Spicer was a decent guy. But since those first impressions, he has changed his mind after their relationship turned sour thanks to a media backlash. Brown recently spoke with Us Weekly, saying that he actively tried to go forward and have respectful conversations with others who may be different to himself. At the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on September 14, Brown continued to say that people will attack you on a daily basis if you allow them to, but the TV host chooses to believe in the beauty of the world and humanity.

Sean Spicer Dancing with the Stars

The MTV alum went on to say he actually did not know a lot about his competitor Sean Spicer, as they had only met for one day. Brown was attacked after his comments on Spicer were aired, saying that he may be a decent guy. In August, Brown took to his Twitter account saying he has never had a say in who would be cast for Dancing With The Stars. He continued his tweet saying that he was excited to have the chance to sit down with Spicer and engage in a respectful conversation, saying the only way to make the world a better place is to try and educate one another. Brown ended his tweet by saying he and the former press secretary were not friends.

When the season 28 cast of Dancing With The Stars was announced, host Tom Bergeron also responded to the hate towards Spicer saying it is the producers prerogative to cast whom they see fit. The host went on to say in a statement that everyone is entitled to agree or disagree with the casting choices but in the end, it is what was best for the long-term interest of the show. Fans can watch all the heavy drama and dancing on ABC.

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Dancing With The Stars airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: Us Weekly

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