Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness Reveals Mortifying Poop Story in Poo-Pourri Ad

Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness opens up (a lot) in an ad for PooPouri, sharing a mortifying memory about a time he pooped his pants in his car.

Jonathan Van Ness in Queer Eye blur

Fresh from the bowels of Madison Avenue, Queer Eye's resident grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness shares a truly hilarious, yet mortifying behind-the-scenes poop story in a follow-up video for Poo-Pourri's toilet spray. The initial ad titled, "Want Your Poop to Smell Gorg?!" is consistent with Van Ness's irreverent and humorous public persona. In the newest video, he delivers a branded content No. 2 with a behind-the-scenes interview explaining his love of Poo-Pourri's product, as well as his decision to take part in the campaign.

"I love the idea of destigmatizing things that have shame attached to them," Van Ness says. "I think that's really important." He goes on to explain that his mother recommended the toilet spray to him years ago, so he's thrilled to partner with the brand. That said, his journey to Poo-Pourri wasn't an easy one.

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Van Ness confessed his own past poo-shame, saying, "It was [on] Sepulveda and Pico, and I was in a Kia Rio, at a red light with nowhere to go." He said that he soiled himself at the Los Angeles intersection, due in large part to a meal consisting of "a hot seafood spinach salad with a kombucha and a frozen yogurt." He admits, "This was a 27-year-old having a full diarrhea B.M." Check out the video below:

PooPourri's campaign, which dropped October 15, features Van Ness dumping loads of praise onto three unsuspecting people in comical vignettes about poo-shame. In the first encounter, he tells a nervous young woman, "There's a little diva inside there, honey, and it's time you set her free." Whether he's referring to her inner child or something a bit more visceral remains to be seen. Next, Van Ness crashes the pre-workout routine of a young man fearful that he will stink up the locker room at his gym. He offers him inspiration by exclaiming, "Yaaaas! Gimme a squat! Work those glutes with all you got!" Suddenly, with product in hand, the man is shy no more. In the final scene, Van Ness lucks out, happening upon a woman who is already a loyal user. They share a knowing glance, and she quickly exits the washroom. After extolling her many virtues, he punctuates the compliments with, "I wish you would've washed your hands, but wow, girl! Yes! You better slay today. Yes!"

While Poo-Pourri's comical and self-deprecating spot is proving to be an ace in the hole, the company's deuce is Van Ness's cheery but graphic follow-up poop confessional. Truth in advertising, or has the Queer Eye star become a stain on social grace? You be the judge.

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Source: PooPouri

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