Watch: Queer Eye's Fab Five Makeover A Puppy (Yes, Seriously)

Queer Eye Season 3

Watch Queer Eye’s Fab Five makeover a puppy (yes, seriously). With what feels like an almost daily arrival of new programs to choose from on all the various streaming networks out there, it's somewhat rare for a program to come along that consistently offers the feel good, feel proud, live better vibe that Netflix’s Queer Eye is known for.

Having initially begun back in 2003 and subsequently airing for 5 seasons on Bravo, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was a reality series that forged new ground in terms of LGBTQ identity and perspective. The show was an instant Emmy-winning success and by the time the third season rolled around, the producers had axed “the Straight Guy” from the program’s title, in order to emphasize its aim of helping all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. In 2018, Netflix decided that it was high time to bring the concept back, and the series was rebooted as Queer Eye, with a new cast of lifestyle experts who are always ready to bring out the best in everyone.

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The rebooted Netflix series is a highly popular one, with Queer Eye having recently launched its anticipated third season. And while the series focuses on human beings, the Fab Five have recently proven (courtesy of Netflix) that when it comes to love and care, animals have to be part of the equation as well. In acknowledgement of National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, the cast of Queer Eye made a special video in which they remake Lacey, a corgi, beagle, and maybe basset hound mix who was abandoned in New York City and taken in by a local shelter. Check out the video of Lacey’s fab makeover:

The video utilizes the same format as the TV series, with each Queer Eye member offering their unique services in order to give Lacey a new lease on life. While the video is a somewhat tongue in cheek take on the regular Queer Eye series, it offers up plenty of cute dog footage, meaning that fans of Queer Eye as well as of dogs should especially enjoy it. But beyond the chuckles and cutesy tone, important points are made, namely that when you adopt a pet from a shelter, you are performing two valuable deeds: rescuing one animal and freeing up space in the shelter for another.

This special Queer Eye video isn’t the only extra little treat that fans can expect to see in the coming months. A mini-season consisting of four episodes set in Japan will arrive at some point in the near future, further proving that the Fab Five’s compassion, charm and confidence-building knows no borders. At present Netflix hasn’t revealed if Queer Eye will be renewed for a fourth season, but given its popularity in these sometimes dark times, another season seems all but certain.

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