The Ultimate Queer Eye Season 3 Drinking Game

Queer Eye Season 3

The Fab Five are back for Queer Eye season 3, so we've put together a drinking game based around all our favorite Queer Eye clichés. Netflix's makeover show assembles a super-team of gay lifestyle experts - Antoni (Food & Wine), Tan (Fashion), Karamo (Culture), Bobby (Design), and Jonathan (Grooming) - and lets them loose on people who are looking for a push in a more positive direction.

Queer Eye season 3's clients include: a camp counselor who lives in an RV and rarely showers; a widower trying to build a new life for himself and his kids following his wife's passing; a husband-to-be who's hoping to shape up in time for his wedding; and two sisters who run one of the best barbecue restaurants in Kansas, but struggle to make time for themselves. As with previous seasons, the Fab Five tailor their advice to each individual person and their goals rather than giving the same makeover to every new client... but there are still a few things you can expect to see in almost every episode.

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To celebrate the return of the Fab Five and eight new episodes bound to make us laugh and cry in equal measure, here's our drinking game to make Queer Eye season 3 even more fun. Play responsibly!

Take a drink every time...

  • The Fab Five get lost and/or drive poorly on the way to their destination.
  • A client's starting wardrobe includes cargo shorts.
  • There's something moldy in the fridge.
  • Antoni wears a headband.
  • Karamo wears a shiny jacket.
  • Jonathan wears an enormously over-sized sweater.
  • Bobby wears a patterned, short-sleeved, button-down shirt.
  • Tan tries on an item of clothing from a client's wardrobe.
  • Jonathan refers to an inanimate object as "she" or "her."
  • Jonathan says "yaaaaaas!"

Queer Eye Season 3

Take a drink every time...

  • A nervous client is walked towards a building with no idea what's inside.
  • There's a heartfelt conversation in the car.
  • Bruley (the show's new mascot) tries one of Antoni's gourmet dishes.
  • Karamo teaches a lesson using an elaborate metaphor.
  • Tan shows someone how to do a French tuck.
  • Tan says "pop of color."
  • Bobby completes a month's worth of renovation in four days.
  • The Fab Five all say "awww!" at the same time.
  • Someone on the show starts crying.

Finish your drink if...

  • You start crying while watching the show.

And there you have it! A handy Queer Eye drinking game to give the phrase "binge-watching" a whole new meaning. Remember to drink lots of water, take some aspirin before you go to bed, and add a pop of color to your outfit to serve as a conversation-starter when meeting new people.

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