• Aaliyah was iconic in forgettable sequel Queen Of The Damned. 1 / 8

    queen of the damned poster TLDR vertical
  • Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire was turned into a hit movie in 1994. 2 / 8

    interview with the vampire poster TLDR vertical
  • Tom Cruise played the role of Rice's famous vampire Lestat. 3 / 8

    interview with a vampire lestat TLDR vertical
  • Warner Bros decided to turn Rice's novel Queen Of The Damned into the sequel. 4 / 8

    queen of the damned anne rice TLDR vertical
  • Tom Cruise declined to return and the sequel was considered a cheesy step down from Interview. 5 / 8

    interview with the vampire tom cruise TLDR vertical
  • Stuart Townsend took over as Lestat and the film has the vampire become a rock star. 6 / 8

    queen of the damned stuart townsend TLDR vertical
  • The sequel sucks but Aaliyah is fantastic as vampire queen Akasha and steals the movie. 7 / 8

    queen of the damned aaliyah TLDR vertical
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