Quarry Canceled by Cinemax After One Season

Logan Marshall-Green in Quarry

Fans of the Cinemax original series Quarry may be dismayed to discover that the network has officially canceled the series, following the debut of its first season late last year. Based on the original novels written by Max Allan Collins, the show followed the chief exploits of one Mac Conway - as portrayed by Logan Marshall-Green - who finds himself back home in Memphis, after spending time as a Marine in the Vietnam War in 1972. Shunned by those he once loved and demonized by the American public at large, Conway soon finds himself drawn into a strange world of murder and corruption operating along the expanse of the Mississippi River.

Co-starring Damon Harriman as Conway's compatriot in crime named Buddy, Quarry was co-created by Graham Gordy and Michael D. Fuller, and directed by Greg Yaitanes. Filmed on location in Memphis and New Orleans, the show ran for a first season run comprising eight episodes from September to October of last year. The program received generally favorable reviews praising its use of setting and diverse cast of characters, and was garnered enviable ratings. Nevertheless, season two is now officially off the table.

According to Deadline, parent network Cinemax has cancelled the series after one season on the air. Initially produced as part of an effort to return the network to its roots based in pulpy, international co-productions, Quarry ultimately didn't make the cut.

Damon Herriman in Quarry

Speaking to his own love and passion for the short-lived crime-drama series, co-creator Michael D. Fuller wrote in a particularly lengthy  blog post:

"After a protracted and agonizing process, we have final confirmation that Quarry will not be returning to television. There were several factors that contributed to the show’s ultimate fate, but a regime change at HBO and a re-(re?)-branding at Cinemax were of particular significance; we attempted to find another home for the show but were unable to do so. By virtually every metric (ratings, critical response) the show succeeded in all the ways a show needs to for a second season, but, as the erstwhile Head Ball Coach of my beloved Gamecocks was fond of saying, 'It is what it is.' TV’s tough and life is tougher, and like the titular character of the show, the series itself was ultimately the victim of a system that is relentlessly unforgiving."

It's always nice to hear the creator of a major studio production - even when that ultimately fails - respond so warmly about his time spent working on a creative venture that didn't pan out in terms of commercial appeal. On that note, here's to hoping for the best of the cast and crew that stood behind Quarry as they bid adieu to the Cinemax original series.

Source: Deadline

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