Joel McHale in Talks for Valiant's Quantum & Woody TV Series

Joel McHale (Community) is in talks to star in Quantum and Woody, a TV adaptation of the Valiant Comics title from Anthony and Joe Russo. With the success of The CW's Arrowverse, Marvel's ABC and Netflix shows, the superhero genre is continuing to grow on TV. Yet another comic book-inspired show, Quantum and Woody, developed by the Russo brothers, is on its way.

The show would reunite McHale with the Russo brothers, since they served as executive producers and directors on the NBC sitcom for its first few seasons. The Russos left the show to direct Captain America: Winter Soldier. The two have since become a driving force behind Marvel Studios' Marvel Cinematic Universe, having also directed Captain America: Civil War, and the upcoming film Avengers: Infinity War - they're currently at work on Avengers 4.

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The Wrap reports that McHale is in talks to star in the action/comedy series Quantum and Woody as Woody Henderson, "a wise-cracking, womanizing slacker." McHale starred in Community as Jeff Winger during its entire six season run.

It was reported in March that the Russos would be developing a new TV series, Quantum and Woody, described as a show about "the world's worst super-duo." The show is based on the Valiant Comics series of the same name, which debuted in 1997. McHale's character, Woody, and Quantum, are interracial adopted brothers who were granted unpredictable superpowers from a pair of energy control bands. The side-effect that comes with their powers is that the two must "klang" their bands together every 24 hours, otherwise their powers will kill them. The two bickering brothers are forced to work together after their father's murder. Now that the duo have super powers, they decide to use their abilities to fight crime.

Inspired by the partnership of Marvel superheroes Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Quantum and Woody was created by  writer Christopher Priest and artist Mark Bright. Priest and Bright worked on Power Man and Iron Fist for Marvel until Iron Fist's controversial death in the title's final issue in 1986. It was their association with the superhero duo that led Valiant Comics to hire them. Priest and Bright wrote the series with the personalities of the two leads being based off the characters played by Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in White Men Can't Jump.

Casting news for the character of Quantum is expected to follow. No air date for Quantum and Woody is set.

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We’ll keep you updated on Quantum and Woody as more information becomes available.

Source: The Wrap

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