Quantum Of Solace Blu-ray Review

Quantum Of Solace, the 2008 follow up to the incredibly successful Bond film, Casino Royale had a lot to live up to. Casino Royale completely revamped the Bond industry with a stellar, action packed story line, and the introduction of Daniel Craig as the new face of James Bond.  So it was really important for Quantum Of Solace director Marc Forster to make sure his installment lived up to the pressure and the hype.

Sadly, I feel like Quantum Of Solace had all the makings of a great James Bond film, but somehow fell short.  It wasn't that I hated the film, because I didn't, but I knew that I could get up and stop watching the film and not be phased by missing any part of it.

Without a doubt the car chase in the beginning was probably the best overall action part in the film.  However, the last scene where Bond must save Camille (Olga Kurylenko) from a roaring fire came across as really cheesy.

As for the quality of the Blu-ray, it was impeccable.  I was immersed in all aspects of what was going on in the film because the picture and quality were so beautiful and dynamic.  The title sequence was really slick and appealing to the eye.  It was both beautiful and sharp, as well as indicative of the isolation Bond undergoes in this film, which went along perfectly with the general themes of QoS.  However, I really disliked the title sequence song, Another Way To Die written and performed by Jack White and sung with Alicia Keys.  It just felt odd and out of place.

This is a list of QoS's Special Features:

  • “Bond on Location” 24-minute Special Feature
  • Start of Shooting
  • On Location
  • Olga Kurylenko and the Boat Chase
  • Director Marc Forster
  • The Music
  • Crew Files
  • Jack White & Alicia Keys “Another Way to Die” Music Video
  • Theatrical Trailers

Like the rest of this film, the special features did not really feel that special.  It was an amalgamation of promotional clips that I had already seen prior to the release of the film.  I suppose if you were really interested in the different sites and locations in which the film was made you could enjoy a small aspect of the Special Features, but overall they were a giant disappointment.  Most of them were things you could have found online right before or after the release of the film.

From a technical aspect the picture and audio quality were incredible, but the overall lackluster story and the emphasis on Bond as a tortured man out to get revenge made the movie come across as silly.  Bond ends up losing all his credibility as an Intelligence Agent because in most of the film he's not suavely seducing the ladies, but acting like one of them.  The movie is worth a watch because it's entertaining enough, but it certainly did not live up to the expectations set by Casino Royale.

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