Quantum Break Includes Alan Wake; Pre-Order Comes With Free PC Version

Fans of video game developer Remedy Entertainment's past successes within the niche gaming market of highly cinematic player-based experiences may already be anticipating the studio's next game, namely the third-person action-adventure title Quantum Break. The new game will feature a central science-fiction narrative that will delve deeply into the mechanics and immediate consequences of time travel, and will star the likes of Shawn Ashmore (X-Men) as the hero and chief protagonist.

Following such past successes in creating highly immersive, story-based worlds for players to explore, such as the first two Max Payne titles and the 2010 psychological-action-thriller hit Alan Wake, Remedy appears primed to offer XBox One and PC gamers an experience not to be missed. They are also more than willing to sweeten the deal for those prepared to pre-order the game ahead of its April 2016 release.

According to the official press release, any players who digitally pre-order Quantum Break on Xbox One will receive a free copy of the game for PC. In addition, all copies of the new title will come with a free Xbox 360 release of Alan Wake, plus DLC content, that will be playable via the current generation console's backward compatibility feature, with an added copy of Alan Wake's American Nightmare to be made available for all pre-order purchases. There will also be an exclusive Quantum Break Bundle package set to include a 500GB Cirrus White console and matching wireless controller, in addition to all of the added incentives listed already.


Quantum Break

As seen in the exclusive live-action trailer featured above, Remedy should be gearing up for the launch of a new title sure to please fans of the studio's past action-adventure successes. Featuring a star studded cast of actors, whose motion-captured performances already appear to have broadened the impact of the title's featured content immensely, Quantum Break should be an Xbox One exclusive well worth the pre-order bonuses that publisher Microsoft Studios is prepared to offer.

If everything continues to fall into place as nicely as they have so far, Quantum Break could be the next big title for Xbox One, and might just win a few new player over to Microsoft's gaming corner. Whether or not Remedy will be able to pull off a project with such large thematic ambition remains to be seen, though everything shown so far paints quite the appealing picture of the finished game.

Quantum Break will be available to purchase on Xbox One and PC from all participating retailers on April 5th, 2016.

Source: Remedy Entertainment/Microsoft Studios

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