Quantum Break Cinematic Trailer: Time Stands Still

Shawn Ashmore in Quantum Break

In just over a few weeks, the Xbox One will get one of its most ambitious console exclusive titles in Quantum Break. Not only has it grabbed gamers’ attention with its time-manipulating mechanics, but it also promises to combine a video game shooter with a live-action TV show. The game boasts some recognizable actors in key roles: there’s Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings), Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones) and the playable lead character of Jack Joyce is played by Shawn Ashmore (X-Men).

Developer Remedy Entertainment already has a good reputation when it comes to Xbox games with a strong story. The studio previously made Alan Wake for Xbox 360, and every new copy of Quantum Break will come with Alan Wake, plus its two add-on packs The Signal and The Writer. That’s not all, as those who pre-order will also receive Alan Wake: American Nightmare. Of course, Microsoft and Remedy want players to be eager to pick up the game on day one for the main attraction, and have now released a cinematic trailer to entice fans.

As one would expect for a game that has a story all about secrets, conspiracy and evil corporations, the trailer does not answer any questions about what exactly is going on. It does make a good show reel for some of the time-bending superpowers players will be able to wield, though, and while Prep School’s cover of ‘Come as You Are’ may not live up to standards set by dedicated Nirvana fans, it does a good job of emphasizing the idea of distortion and suspense. Ashmore’s character Jack is seen demonstrating an array of his powers before facing off with ominous looking villain Paul Serene (Aidan Gillen). The game promises to be one part hard-hitting video game, one part thrilling live action show.

Shawn Ashmore in Quantum Break

You may remember a game called Defiance, which also had ambitions of linking with TV. However, in that case the game was an MMORPG and shared mythology of the series that aired on Syfy channel. Neither really took off. The game went free-to-play just over a year after it originally launched, and the show was eventually cancelled last year. Quantum Break is approaching things differently enough to work -not least because the live action elements of the game are a part of the main experience, not a side note.

If you buy the game digitally - whether from the Xbox Store, a code from a retailer, or as part of the Xbox One console bundle which includes the game as a digital download - you will also be given a copy of the game for Windows 10. It’s the first step in Microsoft’s new ambitions to combine both Xbox console and Windows 10 operating systems as gaming platforms.

Quantum Break is released April 5 for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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