Why Quantic Dream is Moving Away From Being Sony PlayStation Exclusive

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Quantic Dreams appears to to be priming itself to move beyond being a one-console company and making plans for games that won't be exclusive to Playstation. Everyone is the video game industry is getting ready for the next generation of consoles, and that has both console and game developers looking to the future. Quantic Dreams has already started the process of moving away from Playstation by announcing the release of their once-exclusive games to the Epic Store on PC.

The partnership between Sony and Quantic Dreams has served them both well over the years. The release of Heavy Rain in 2010 became a must-own exclusive on the Playstation 3 and shot Quantic Dreams into the spotlight of developers to watch. BEYOND: Two Souls was released next on PS3 in 2013. Due to alternative narrative choices and unusual gameplay, it opened to mixed reviews but has earned something of a cult-game status over the years. Quantic Dreams came back strong in 2018 with Detroit: Become Human, an almost instant critical and commercial success that earned its place among the Playstation 4's already revered exclusive line-up. However, with the exclusivity deal between Sony and Quantic Dreams ending, CEO David Cage is ready for new challenges.

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Following an investment from Chinese company NetEase, according to, Playstation Lifestyle, Quantic Dreams has announced that making multiplatform games will be one of their biggest goals over the next few years. This process began with the release of older title being released to PC, which Quantic Dreams is publishing, themselves. This was a role that Sony took on for the past twelve years. David Cage went into more detail at the Gamelab talk in Barcelona. He said:

"We felt it was the right moment for the company, after 23 years and 12 years working exclusively with Sony, to follow our path and explore different directions. We wanted to create more than one game at a time; we wanted to become our publisher also, which we start with Heavy Rain on PC right now and then Beyond and Detroit that we self-publish.

It was about starting a new journey, I think, for us, and we felt ready for it. When we met the people at NetEase, we felt they were the right people, understanding the vision we had and being able to support us in accomplishing this vision, and so we’re interested in the Asian market, we look at the mobile market. We have many different ideas and crazy things that we want to do in the near future."

Along with publishing their own games, Quantic Dreams is ready to start making more than one game at a time. This is a huge change for the company that took three years to make BEYOND: Two Souls and five years to make Detroit: Become Human. The investment from NetEase appears to be substantial enough to allow the company to pursue more ambitious goals. The partnership with NetEase is also convenient because Cage and the company are very interested in pursuing the market in Asia as their games have always done well there. Detroit: Become Human was especially successful in Japan, where it stayed on the sales charts for months after its release.

This is exciting news for a company like Quantic Dreams. Not everything released by the company has been a smash hit, but they have unique style and are always willing to take risks in the way they tell stories. Even games like BEYOND: Two Souls were credited with being creative and different. In a world full of open-world collect-a-thons and pay-to-win multiplayer controversies, trying something new is never a bad thing. Despite recent troubles within company, they appear to be moving toward a new horizon and ready to take on bigger projects.

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Source: Playstation Lifestyle

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