Quantic Dream's PlayStation Exclusives Are Coming to PC Via Epic Game Store

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It's a dream come true for PC gamers: All of Quantic Dream's previous PlayStation-exclusive titles will arrive soon for PC via the Epic Games Store. Epic Games, the developer behind the hit title Fortnite, announced it would open its own digital game distribution store in 2018 to compete with Steam. Instead of doing a standard 70/30 revenue split between developers and its platform, though, Epic Games announced that it would give developers a whopping 88 percent of revenue.

For the store's launch, Epic Games released a trailer showing never-before-seen footage of its digital outlet's upcoming games. The video showed footage from Saber Interactive's World War Z, Coffee Stain Studios Satisfactory (an exclusive for the store), Annapurna Interactive's Ashen and Supergiant's Hades. Epic's store is also the only place where gamers can get Fortnite for PC and Mac. In late 2018, Skybound Games, which took over Telltale's final season of The Walking Dead, announced that the last episodes of that series would land exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

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It seems more exclusives are set to land on the Epic Games Store. The store now has listings for all three of Quantic Dream's titles, meaning that the previous PlayStation-exclusive games will arrive on PC soon, but only through the Epic Games Store. Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls will have a PC home on the digital distribution site, although all three games are currently listed as "coming soon."

All three titles received critical acclaim and changed the way that many in the industry viewed storytelling in video games. Detroit: Become Human was one of the most anticipated titles of 2018, with mostly positive reviews from both fans and critics. The game put players in the role of androids during a time in the future where androids are becoming self-aware. In Quantic Dream fashion, the game forced players to make decisions that affected the outcome of the game.

So far, Epic Games has done well with its store. When Metro Exodus landed as an exclusive on the platform, it outsold the previous title in the franchise, which was only available on Steam. The store continues to make improvements to its services, too, meaning that Steam finally has a notable competitor in the race as a games digital distribution platform. As a result, Steam has started to make some changes of its own, but ultimately, it will have to improve its reputation with both players and developers to get ahead of its new competition.

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