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Qiyana League of Legends

Qiyana, Empress of the Elements, was revealed yesterday as the next League of Legends champion to grace Summoner's Rift. The splash art revealed her using some sort of circular bladed weapon, the first of its kind amongst the champions currently in the game. It was already confirmed that she hails from the region of Ixtal, which is an addition to the lore of Runeterra which Riot Games is almost certain to flesh out when she drops in Patch 9.13. Now, a new trailer shows off her abilities in all their royal glory.

Qiyana's splash art alone was enough to get the community curious about what she could bring in-lane. Now, it appears that she's the first proper solo assassin to be released since Zed. Her kit looks like it contains some neat interplay between map terrain and buffs that can be applied to her weapon, which means that positioning is going to be incredibly key to playing her successfully.

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Qiyana's official champion trailer has now been released on the League of Legends YouTube channel. The footage shows off a number of her voiceover lines which hint at her royal lineage, and plenty of shots of her in action as she traverses Summoner's Rift. For those who are curious about the mechanics of her kit and what she brings to the table, we've broken down the abilities for you below so you can get familiar before she rides into town.

Qiyana's abilities are all thematically influenced by her noble Ixtal heritage, as well as her affinity for the elements which has presumably earned her the moniker of the Empress of the Elements.

Passive — Royal Privilege

  • Qiyana's passive makes it so that the first auto attack or ability that damages an enemy will deal bonus physical damage. The cooldown on Royal Privilege will reset when she casts Terrashape to change the enchantment on her weapon.

Q — Edge of Ixtal / Elemental Wrath

  • Qiyana's Q changes depending on whether or not she's already cast Terrashape and enchanted her weapon.
  • If Qiyana's weapon is not enchanted by Terrashape, then the skill Edge of Ixtal damages all enemies that she hits, though the damage is reduced for each target after the first one.
  • Once Qiyana enchants her weapon, the cooldown of her Q is reset and she can send out a blast in any direction, which detonates either when it comes into contact with an enemy or when it reaches its max range.
  • If Qiyana's weapon is river enchanted, then the blast roots enemies and subsequently slows them.
  • If Qiyana's weapon is wall enchanted, then the blast deals extra damage to enemies who are already low on health.
  • If Qiyana's weapon is brush enchanted, then she leaves a trail behind her that grants stealth and movement speed until she attacks an enemy or leaves its area.

W — Terrashape

  • This is Qiyana's iconic ability. She can target either a portion of River, Wall, or Brush on the Rift to dash to it and to enchant her weapon. This enchant gives Qiyana bonus attack speed, bonus damage, and increased out-of-combat movement speed when she's near the corresponding terrain.

E — Audacity

  • This is essentially a gap-closing ability where Qiyana can dash to a target enemy and deals physical damage to them.

R — Supreme Display of Talent

  • Her ult creates a shockwave that has knock-back effects when it hits enemies, and is interrupted once it hits a wall. If the shockwave hits any River, Brush, or Wall terrain, then it will explore to deal physical damage to enemies and to stun them. The effectiveness of this stun lessens the further these enemies are from the point of impact.

Qiyana's kit looks like it will rely on a lot of maneuverability, gap-closing, and CC; she has the skills necessary to lock down enemies, and the potent bonuses granted by Terrashaping mean that she's almost guaranteed to pack one hell of a punch. We'll find out more about how she stacks up against other midlane champions when she drops in Patch 9.13, but she looks like she offers a breath of fresh air to the Rift.

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Source: League of Legends/YouTube

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