'Puss in Boots' Trailer Is Surprisingly Not Like 'Shrek 5'

Puss in Boots full trailer

When you were first told that DreamWorks was making a Puss in Boots movie, chances are good your immediate thought was that it would basically amount to Shrek 5. The official Puss in Boots teaser didn't do much to convince moviegoers otherwise, seeing as it featured many of the same elements as the Shrek franchise - namely pop music tunes, references to other films, and a premise that promised to offer a "hip" and comical spin on a classic fairy tale.

Now an official Puss in Boots trailer has been released - and while it's doesn't exactly make the movie look fantastic, it does suggest that director Chris Miller (Shrek the Third) went in a more original direction with this animated adventure.

"Adventure" surprisingly abounds in the theatrical preview for Puss in Boots, which picks up with the cute-but-deadly orange feline (once again voiced by Antonio Banderas) in his pre-Shrek days. The film follows Puss on a quest to save the world, when he is joined by the likes of the clumsy Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) and the slinky Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek).

It goes without saying that Puss in Boots is aimed at kids - not to mention, the movie does look to follow in Shrek's footsteps by featuring elements from classic fairytales (ex. Jack in the Beanstalk). What's genuinely surprising, though, is how the full-length trailer makes the film look like its own unique comical spin on classic fables about dashing heroes in fantastical lands.

See what we mean by watching the Puss in Boots trailer (via Yahoo! Movies) below:


While the humor in this Puss in Boots trailer partly goes the way of Shrek (re: bad puns for kids, double entendres for adults), there's also the suggestion that the film will actually have a fully-formed fantasy action-adventure plot - that's more than just an excuse for gags involving Puss acting like a cat. At the least, credit ought to go to Miller and his screenwriting team for not going the lazier route of having the movie be about how Puss becomes a hero; instead, the titular feline is already a "legendary warrior", who is recruited to save the day. We've already seen one comical animated movie with the standard hero's journey storyline (Rango), and that's enough for now.

Banderas, Hayek, and Galifianakis all appear to be fun fits for their respective Puss in Boots characters - and the absence of painfully obvious product placement (see: The Smurfs trailer) or Shrek's brand of pop culture-heavy humor in this trailer is pleasant as well. Adults might not have as much fun as their kids when they go and see this one in theaters, but at least they shouldn't be really annoyed either.

Finally - if the music in the Puss in Boots trailer seems a bit reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, there's a reason: the film's soundtrack was composed by Henry Jackman, who provided "additional music" for the second and third films in that swashbuckling franchise. Take that as you will.

Puss in Boots arrives in theaters this fall on November 4th, 2011.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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