New Push Trailer = Heroes: The Movie

We haven't heard anything about the upcoming superhero-type movie Push since Comic-Con. Last July they previewed Push the movie and it looked pretty cool. This week a new trailer was unveiled and I don't want to influence you, but I think it looks pretty damned cool. :-)

With all he debate raging regarding whether this season's Heroes is good or not, I'll be curious to hear what your thoughts are on this trailer. To me it looks like they took a pretty similar concept and turned it into a feature film.

It stars Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans (who played the Human Torch in Fantastic Four), Camilla Belle, and Djimon Hounsou.

Check it out for yourself:


For higher-res versions head over to

I'd provide a link to the official site for the movie, but they don't even have a "coming soon" page for it - right now it's page: Fail.

Push opens on February 9, 2009.

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