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The Purge

A local news report has revealed the location and start date for the TV series based on Blumhouse horror franchise The Purge. Whilst all eyes have been on the upcoming 4th movie in the series (now called The First Purge), details regarding the production of the ongoing show has been pretty sparse. But with this update, it seems that cameras will soon be rolling on the next generation of participants, and they'll be purging in a well-known city.

Whilst the first film had it's critics, the success and groundwork of both The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year has enabled writer/director James DeMonaco to push the concept in varying directions. Taking the original chilling notion of an annual government-sanctioned 12 hour period where all criminal activity is legal, Election Year seemed to suggest that the practice was about to abolished in the series timeline, with Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) being swept into power. However, The First Purge is the upcoming prequel to the original trilogy and will focus on how the United States got to the point of accepting the annual ritual and the carnage that ensues.

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In addition to the movies, The Purge TV series is a spinoff that will also carve it's own way in the franchise, and approach the annual blood-letting in an altogether different way. Originally announced back in September 2016 by DeMonaco, details regarding the project have been slow in coming. However according to a local report from NOLA, the location and filming schedule for the show would appear to have been set. The series is reportedly preparing to shoot in New Orleans, and shooting is expected to begin in April. This was apparently confirmed by details obtained from the city's film office. The city itself is a popular choice for TV work, with AMC's Preacher being just one other show that will also film there later in the year.

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Given the current lack of other details regarding the cast, crew, and plot, it's difficult to make any further assumptions as to what this means for the show itself. But at the very least, it's encouraging to learn that a definitive start date is in place for the production. The series is still expected to air at some point in 2018, on the USA Network and SyFy. However with a reported April start, it's likely to be very late in the year if that does happen, and that could easily change. It's also unknown if New Orleans itself will feature as a prominent location or plot point within the story, or is just a generic backdrop. The idea of a Purge taking place in the French Quarter or by other landmarks is an intriguing one though.

The only hints that DeMonaco has given so far about the content of the show is that it will focus on the characters' lives in the run-up to Purge Night itself. He has previously described the format as 'an interwoven anthology' that will juggle six or seven storylines over the course of 10 episodes. It will take place during the height of the Purge's popularity and look at the reasons why people participated. The opportunity to greatly develop original characters and backstories could easily make for some interesting viewing and a relevant addition to the films.

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There are no screening dates for The Purge TV Series yet. We'll bring you more updates as we get them.

Source: NOLA

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