Punisher: War Zone Update

Director Lexi Alexander has updated her blog with a new post talking about the military background of Frank Castle (played by Ray Stevenson). She highlights an interview with the production's military adviser, real life hero Sergeant Jonathan Barton.

We've got few excerpts from the interview below, but you can head over to her site for the whole thing.

In her interview, Lexi talked about what she wanted Castle's background to be in the film:

"We wanted to be very close to Frank Castle's original biography, so I asked you [JB] to make him look like he spent some time in every branch of the Military before he became a renown Force Recon/Special Ops instructor."

When Barton was asked what it was like to work on Punisher: War Zone

"Working on the new Punisher, from a Marine's POV, was a dream come true! The Punisher, as a character, has a huge Marine Corps following. He represents the harder side of the Marine Corps. In Iraq my squad and I would spray paint the SKULL on  anything we could find!"

Again, based on the production, it seems like this should be a good movie - but that doesn't always turn out to be the case in the final product. I'd love for this thing to turn out great and leave all its troubles behind, but we won't know until Punisher: War Zone opens on December 5th.

For the full interview, head on over to

Thanks to Screen Rant reader Kevin for alerting us to the news!

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