First Punisher: War Zone Trailer!

Courtesy of comes the first trailer for Punisher: War Zone (aka Punisher 2), directed by Lexi Alexander and starring Ray Stevenson as the title character.

The similarities to what they're doing for this Punisher reboot and what they've done with Hulk is uncanny. It's the same situation: Marvel movies that didn't do that great first time around, essentially rebooted to do the second time what they should have done initially: Keep the feel much closer to the comic book source material.

You can check out the first Punisher trailer below.


I like this trailer a LOT. It strikes me as what the world of Frank Castle should be like. Dark, gritty and in New York City.

I think that how The Incredible Hulk does at the box office will be a good indicator of how this Punisher reboot will do, so it will be interesting to follow the numbers on both movies.

If you want to see the trailer in much higher res/HD head over to

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