New Punisher War Zone Clip: A 'Thank You' Or Damage Control?

With less than two months to go before the opening of Punisher: War Zone, things are starting to happen on the marketing front for the movie.

A few days ago the official website for the film was revamped and after that a new lenticular poster for the movie was revealed.

Now (thanks to Screen Rant reader "Rampage") we have a new, never before seen clip from the movie.

Not only is it a series of connected scenes from the film, but there's also an introduction by sometimes maligned, sometimes defended director Lexi Alexander. In it she thanks for fans' for their "positive reinforcement and commitment to Frank Castle and his mythology."

She delivers her message from the edit bay, apparently confirming that she was not removed from the film. At one point it was rumored that the Punisher: War Zone would get a PG-13 rating (since debunked) and also that Lexi had been kicked off the production due to mishandling the film according to the studio (also debunked, and confirmed by the video below).

Since this has all turned out to be B.S., I tend to wonder if these things were the idea of some misguided marketing type who thought it would bring "viral" attention to a movie destined to attract a narrow audience. If that was the case, as far as I'm concerned it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth for the whole thing.

Having said all that, although I'm not a big Punisher fan, while only a couple of days ago I said I wasn't optimistic about this movie, the more I see of this film the more it looks like it's much more true to the comic book than the previous film. Check out the clip for yourself:


Just based on the trailers and clips, I'm not a huge fan of the red-tinged monochromatic look, but maybe it's only in certain scenes and will fit within the context of the entire film.

Punisher: War Zone opens on December 5th.

Thanks again to "Rampage," a regular over at the Punisher forum site

What do you guys think? Is this looking any better to you? Or does this little clip reek of damage control?

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