The Punisher Images Go Behind the Scenes & Introduce Micro

[Mild spoilers for The Punisher ahead.]


A new set of photos from The Punisher take fans behind the scenes and introduce Frank's partner Micro. Fans have been eagerly awaiting more news regarding Netflix and Marvel's upcoming The Punisher seres. After receiving a teaser at the end of The Defenders, all that's left is a full-length trailer and a release date. The latter has been teased for months, with sometime in November appearing to be the likeliest point of release. As for a full trailer, it may just arrive when Marvel TV brings The Punisher to New York Comic Con next month.

While fans wait for the trailer and release date, promotion for The Punisher has still continued along. Thanks to the latest issue of Empire, a new image of Frank Castle during his military days has been released online. Like the other Netflix shows, The Punisher will introduce us to a character well into his time as a vigilante. We will then be treated to a number of flashbacks showing us how Frank came to be the anti-hero we met in season 2 of Daredevil. Now, more images and information from the same Empire story have made their way online.

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Twitter user Tin_Pan_Ali was able to get their hands on the new issue of Empire and posted the spread for The Punisher. In it, we see the photo of Frank in his military days, a previously-released official image of Frank in his Punisher costume and two brand-new images. One is a behind-the-scenes shot from the show's production and the other finally introduces Frank's ally, Micro.

I got Empire today for #ThePunisher article and MMMM YO- SPOILERS & short thread of photos/article (wish these were better quality tho...)

— Ali oops (@Tin_Pan_Ali) September 8, 2017

While Ebon Moss-Bachrach was cast as David Lieberman aka Micro some time ago, this is our first image of him outside of a drawing on a Punisher poster that was unveiled earlier this year. In the comics, Microchip is Frank's chief ally, a computer and tech specialist who often runs point for the vigilante. Thanks to the information provided with the images, we know that at least one scene featuring Frank and Micro involve flashbacks for both men. These scene should reveal a lighter side of both characters, demonstrating how far they have fallen and what draws them together on their current mission.

While fans await the official release of the images and more info on the show, The Punisher has continued to tease out certain elements of the series through social media. The titles of all 13 episodes of the first season were revealed through Morse Code, so expect other inventive modes of marketing to come.

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The Punisher season 1 premieres on Netflix later this year. Premiere dates for the new seasons of DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage and Iron First have not yet been announced.

Source: Empire [via Twitter]

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