The Punisher Makes A Thanos One-Liner Even MORE Badass

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Warning: SPOILERS for The Punisher #15

In the pages of The Punisher, Frank Castle has been tracking down Baron Zemo and Hydra from one end of the world to the other. When things came to a head back in New York City, he grew from a one man army to a powerful squadron including the likes of Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and Black Widow. And if that isn't enough of an MCU dream come true for fans, he decides to embarrass Zemo's new Thunderbolts by taking a line delivered by Thanos in Avengers: Endgame--and making it so much cooler.

During what is arguably one of the best scenes of the film, Scarlet Witch and the rest of the dead heroes return to life to join the final epic battle against Thanos. The Vision was brutally murdered by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, and Wanda has obviously been waiting for the chance to get some payback. Without even a hint of fear, Wanda walks directly up to Thanos, informing him that he is about to pay for taking "everything" from her. Of course this Thanos is from the past, and has no clue what she is talking about. He offers a simple "I don't even know who you are," once again proving he couldn't care less about those standing in his way.

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Well, Frank Castle just stole that line and made it so much cooler than Thanos did. Partly because he actually won that fight, and Thanos... well, we all know what happened to him, don't we? In The Punisher #15, during an all out war between heroes and villains, Frank Castle and his allies come face to face with The Thunderbolts. One of the team of criminals is particularly excited at the idea of getting to kill the Punisher, as The Fixer allows his bravado to get ahead of him - leading to the ultimate insult.

Punisher Comic Thanos Line

Frank raises his guns, empties his clip into The Fixer, and nonchalantly dismisses him as he steps over the dead man's body. The Punisher isn't completely alone in this, as The Fixer is one of the lesser known Marvel Comics characters. The short of it is he invents weapons and is really smart. But the fact that Frank used this line, helps us draw a parallel between him and Thanos. They really are similar in the fact that they will not let anyone stand in their way.

  • THE PUNISHER #15 (2019)
  • Written by: Matthew Rosenberg
  • Art by; Szymon Kudranski
  • Cover Art by: Greg Smallwood
  • THE BATTLE OF NEW YORK! You can’t fight City Hall…unless, of course, you’re Frank Castle. But he won’t fight alone! Unfortunately, Zemo’s got his new Thunderbolts, and they’re ready for war.

The Punisher #15 is available at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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