The Punisher Season 2 3D Poster Claims 'There's No Turning Back'

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A new 3D poster for The Punisher season 2 teases that "There's no turning back" for Frank Castle. Since he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #129 in 1974, there have been a handful of actors to portray the antihero called the Punisher, and the most recent version of the character has The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal suited up in the role.

Bernthal's Punisher character first appeared in the second season of the wildly popular - though recently canceled - Daredevil series on Netflix. The Punisher then ended up getting his own spinoff show near the end of 2017, with the second season edging its way towards its official premiere in just a few weeks. So far, Netflix has released some teaser trailers for The Punisher's second season, and now, with the release date just around the corner, a new 3D poster has also been released showing off Castle's gear, as well as a warning regarding the consequences of his actions.

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First posted on the official Marvel's The Punisher Facebook page (via: CBR), fans can get a glimpse inside the Punisher's dangerous lifestyle courtesy of a new 3D poster. The poster itself doesn't give too much away about the plot, but includes a duffel bag full of Castle's gear, including his Punisher vest, a first aid kit, a handgun, some duck tape, a wad of cash, and it's captioned with the text: "There's no turning back now." The full post and 3D poster can be seen below:

There's no turning back now.

Posted by Marvel's The Punisher on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Along with Bernthal, actor Ben Barnes will also be returning as Frank's friend turned enemy Billy Russo in season 2 of The Punisher. Russo met a grisly fate at the end of The Punisher season 1, which opened the door for his comic book moniker "Jigsaw" for season 2. Not a lot is known about the plot of season 2 just yet, but the reveal of Barnes as Jigsaw has led to comparisons between his iteration and the version of the character played by Dominic West in Ray Stevenson's 2008 film Punisher: War Zone - even though he's reportedly never specifically referred to as Jigsaw in the series.

Despite many Netflix superhero shows doing well with fans and critics, many of them have been canceled in recent months; and, though The Punisher and Jessica Jones haven't been canceled yet, fans certainly have reason to be worried. The Punisher stole the show when he first appeared on Daredevil, so fans are no doubt eager to have the second season available. And, while the caption for the 3D poster - "There's no turning back now" - indicates that Castle's life will be changed in a big way in season 2, that change is hopefully not referring to a cancellation.

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The Punisher season 2 premieres Friday, January 18 on Netflix.

Source: Marvel's The Punisher (via CBR)

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