The Punisher Rumored to Include Another Daredevil Character

Recent IMDB listings reveal that another supporting Daredevil character will be joining Karen Page in The Punisher spinoff.

Punisher Jon Bernthal

With The Punisher set to premiere on Netflix sometime following the big Defenders crossover this summer, it looks as though Geoffrey Cantor's journalist Ellison is set to make the jump to Marvel's resident killer vigilante.

Jon Bernthal's gritty and violent interpretation of the Frank Castle character debuted on season two of Daredevilstriking up a conflicted relationship with the Devil from Hell's Kitchen. With Castle getting his own series, some of the characters from that show are crossing over into his neck of the woods, including Deborah Ann Woll's Karen Page. Page and Castle developed an unlikely connection in season 2, so it makes sense that she would show up in the series, and new rumors hint that she's bringing along characters associated with her from the Daredevil into the Punisher series.

The IMDB listing for actor Geoffrey Cantor, who plays newspaper editor Ellison on Daredevil, notes him as a member of the cast of The Punisher. Ellison has appeared in 10 episodes of Daredevil, serving as a stubborn obstacle to journalist Ben Urich's attempts to take down mob boss Kingpin in season 1, and a subsequent mentor to Karen Page as she attempts to pursue a career in investigative journalism during season 2.

Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page and Charlie Cox as Matt Mudrock in Daredevil

According to the movie database site, Cantor will reprise his role in the second and ninth episodes of The Punisher season. Cantor is not expected to make an appearance in The Defenders, so this will be the next time that we see his character. Woll and Cantor will join a cast that includes Bernthal, Jason R. Moore, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Michael Nathanson. The series was created by Steve Lightfoot, known for his role as an executive producer on NBC's Hannibal.

The inclusion of characters like Page and Ellison give The Punisher series some nice connectivity to the rest of the Netflix Marvel universe, though they really are just extra goodies supporting the main course, which is a starring role for Bernthal's portrayal of Castle. His performance in season 2 was a visceral and exciting standout of that season, as he captured so much of what makes the Punisher such a brutally unforgiving antihero. Giving him the spotlight for 13 episodes is enough cause for jubilation, let alone with the inclusion of well-liked characters and the introduction of new ones.

The Punisher shot throughout last summer and has been waiting for release for some time now. Rumors perpetrated by one of the directors of the series' first season have the show premiering sometime in mid-November, though neither Marvel nor Netflix have confirmed the date at this time. Keep checking Screen Rant for more information on the series.

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Source: IMDB

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