Punisher Release Date Update: Premiering 'Later This Fall' on Netflix

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The Punisher was all set to drop this weekend but will instead arrive later this fall, according to a new report. Marvel has always been cagey about when their various Netflix shows will release. Often, a date isn't announced until just a few months prior. With The Punisher, however, things have been especially mysterious. It's been confirmed for some time now that the series would premiere in 2017 - and as promotion started for the series, a date of November became increasingly likely.

Still, Marvel and Netflix shrouded the premiere of The Punisher in mystery. From the official trailer to various posters, glitchy videos and redacted information helped obscure the premiere date. The marketing did, however, paint the picture that The Punisher will heavily traffic in whistle-blowing, government cover-ups, and the like, so the teases worked on one level. Still, with only so many months left in 2017 at this stage, this marketing approach was confusing for some. Now, we may know what the logic behind this marketing method was.

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Earlier today, a report surfaced that the premiere of The Punisher was being pushed back due to this week's mass shooting in Las Vegas. Verne Gay, the writer who broke the story, is now reporting that the plan was to surprise release The Punisher TV series this weekend. Instead, in light of what happened in Las Vegas, the series premiere has been pushed back.

Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle in Daredevil Season 2

The Punisher was all set to have a big panel this weekend at New York Comic Con, where the first episode was to be screened. After what happened in Vegas, however, Marvel chose to cancel the Punisher NYCC panel due to the show's nature. The concept of the Punisher has always been a controversial one, and the release of his solo series seems extra dicey given the current climate in the U.S. With that in mind, it makes sense that Marvel and Netflix would change their plan after what happened.

In addition to premiering at NYCC, The Punisher season 1 was going to be made available on Netflix starting this weekend. While it's not uncommon for musicians to use this tactic, a TV show involving multiple studios doing the same thing is more unusual. How that would have worked in terms of press and promotion is unknown, but it could have been a good marketing approach. It also explains why both companies have been so coy about revealing the show's launch date.

For fans, this shouldn't be a big deal. Not only are there perfectly good reasons for this delay, but few fans were probably prepared to (binge) watch The Punisher this weekend anyway. Instead, it will arrive later this fall, giving everyone ample time to get ready for Frank Castle.

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The Punisher premieres on Netflix sometime this fall. Premiere dates for the news seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist have yet to be announced.

Source: Verne Gay

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