The Punisher is Here to Collect in New Promo

A new promo for The Punisher proves Frank Castle is ready to collect ahead of the Marvel/Netflix show's release. While Marvel prepares to release a third project in cinemas during a single year for the first time with Thor: Ragnarok, Netflix will be doing the same in their corner of the MCU. So far, both Iron Fist and The Defenders have failed to impress the way DaredevilJessica Jones, and Luke Cage did. With The Punisher set to arrive before year's end, Marvel and Netflix may face their biggest challenge yet.

In The Punisher's favor is the character's massive popularity and the praise Jon Bernthal has already received for his stint on season 2 of Daredevil as Frank Castle. That said, the story of a militant and possibly unhinged man taking the law into his own hands and going on a killing spree is something audiences may have trouble stomaching. Regardless, Marvel and Netflix aren't downplaying the violence of the new show, as evidenced by the first trailer for the upcoming series. Now, Castle's vengeance is once more in the spotlight.

Marvel and Netflix have released a brief new promo for The Punisher that highlights Frank Castle's desire to collect for the perceived sins of his victims.

Frank Castle is coming to collect. #ThePunisher

— The Punisher (@ThePunisher) September 25, 2017

While the Frank Castle we met in Daredevil was after the people who killed his family, The Punisher will see the vigilante dive into an even deeper conspiracy. The story will take him back to his military days as he unravels a plot more far-reaching than he imagined. Along the way, he'll go up against the government, police, and old allies. He'll also begin working with Micro, a whistleblower with similar goals. Handled correctly, the show could be an interesting meditation on modern war, politics, and gun violence.

Of course, no one is quite sure when we'll get to see the new show. While a release date next month was rumored, we were able to quickly debunk it. Given that all the marketing so far has confirmed the show will arrive this year, however, it's only a matter of time before Marvel and Netflix let audiences know when the series will air.

As we wait, more promos will start to arrive. The last one even offered us a glimpse of the Punisher's crusade against his old allies. With the show coming to New York Comic-Con next month, expect even more reveals to arrive shortly. And before long, we'll be able to properly assess the effectiveness of The Punisher.

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Source: Marvel/Netflix

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