The Punisher Posters Highlight Karen Page & Micro

Two new posters for Marvel’s The Punisher Netflix series have arrived on the web, teasing the imminent debut of the bullet-ridden drama. Starring Jon Bernthal as The Punisher (aka Frank Castle, a widowed war veteran with a penchant for putting holes in people), this 13-part series will appear on Netflix on November 17, the exact same day that DC’s Justice League movie premieres in theaters.

The Punisher show has been hotly anticipated, ever since Bernthal debuted in the role during Daredevil season 2. This solo series will tell fans more about Frank's backstory, while also showcasing a lot of modern-day bloodletting. The series cancelled its slot at New York Comic Con last month, as a reaction to the real-life shooting in Las Vegas, but its launch on Netflix is still very much going ahead.

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Both of these new posters were released via the show’s official Twitter page. First came this promotional image of Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page, a legal-secretary-turned-newshound who bonded with Frank during Daredevil season 2. Karen's involvement in The Punisher series wasn’t always a part of the plan, but fans will be pleased that she ended up being a part of it.

She has his back. #ThePunisher

— The Punisher (@ThePunisher) October 26, 2017

By shrouding half of Karen in a dark shadow, and imposing across her face the ominous tagline from the latest trailer (“the truth must be taken”), this poster seems to confirm the suspicion that Karen will be drawn even closer to Frank’s dark side during this 13-hour story. Perhaps, in The Punisher, Karen will overtly help Frank engineer his next batch of vengeful assassinations.

The second new poster to debut on Twitter showcases Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s David Lieberman, Frank’s tech guy, whose codename Micro was seen on an important disc during Daredevil season 2. This live-action version of the Microchip character has been described as a departure from the comics.

Micro, a soldier of a different stripe. #ThePunisher

— The Punisher (@ThePunisher) October 31, 2017

This motion poster doesn’t unveil much information about Micro, although the caption the came with it (“a soldier of a different stripe”) does reiterate his links to Frank’s military past. The image itself, of the Punisher logo in computer code form covering Micro’s face, seemingly symbolises the fact that Micro too will be assisting Frank with his brutal rampage this season. As Frank seeks answers about his military history and the hit on his family, it seems like Micro and Karen will be providing support from the sidelines.

However, of course, there’s every chance that The Punisher series has some surprises up its sleeve. Perhaps, at some point, Karen and Micro will be forced to step out of their respective comfort zones, of reportage and coding, to wade properly into the battle for justice and truth. It would be interesting to see how they handle that.

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The Punisher arrives on Netflix on November 17.

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