Punisher 2 Update

I know there hasn't been much Punisher 2 coverage on the site - maybe it's because I thought that The Punisher was pretty awful. Three months ago there was a lot of buzz online regarding the fact that Thomas Jane (who played the lead in the previous film) was not reprising his role in the sequel and in fact dropped out during early production on the film. I don't think it was ever made clear if it was due to the script, the director or a combination of the two.

Then two months ago word came out that Lexi Alexander would be taking over the sequel and then one month ago the announcement was made that Ray Stevenson would be putting on the skull t-shirt.

Now more details about the film are emerging...

The info does contain pretty significant storyline spoilers so I won't post anything like that here, but if you can click on the following if you want Punisher 2 story details.

I've never been a reader of the comic, so I'm not familiar with The Punisher's rouges gallery of villains. The bad guy in the sequel is a character by the name of Jigsaw (no, not the guy from the Saw movies, although wouldn't that be cool?), and Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) will also have to contend with the law since he's out there acting as a vigilante.

One of the better pieces of news as far as I'm concerned is that they're moving the story to New York City, which is where The Punisher belongs. Why in the heck they put the first movie in sunny Florida was beyond me, and was one of my big points of contention regarding the first film.

I hear good things about Ray Stevenson and we'll have to see how a female director pulls off such a hard core "guy movie." I'm actually kind of looking forward to this one now.

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