Public Enemy #1 in Hollyweird: Mel Gibson

By now, I'm sure anyone who hasn't been living under a rock has heard about Mel Gibson's recent arrest for drunk driving. (His mugshot is here, in case you were wondering.) Hollyweird is now abuzz with talk of how Gibson's career is history. (Yeah... I think Robert Downey Jr. might have a different take on that.) Apparently in a town as corrupt and morally deprived as Hollyweird, drunken driving and making inappropriate comments are unforgivable offenses, even if you take full responsibility for your actions and offer two public apologies afterwards. I'm not defending what Gibson did and said, but if it had been Colin Farrell or Russell Crowe who had gone through that situation, would we be seeing the same kind of massive news coverage?

At any rate, the latest celeb to turn his back on Gibson is Rob Schneider. Personally, if I were Gibson, I would sleep much easier at night knowing I wouldn't have to worry about working with Rob Schneider anytime soon.

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