PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Getting Winter Map This Fall

Xbox made a smart move for the 2017 holiday season by locking down a partnership with PUBG Corp (Bluehole Studio Inc.) to get PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on the Xbox One as a timed exclusive. It sold millions very quickly as an early access title with a $30 price tag, and despite its poor quality and optimization on the console it has remained popular.

And over the months since launch, content from the PC version has slowly made its way to Xbox version as well, most recently the game's second map  the desert location known as Miramar. Now, another major feature is coming to Xbox One as well in the form of limited time events.

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War Mode was revealed to be coming to the Xbox One version of PUBG, meaning players will get to experience even larger sized squads in special event modes with special conditions (such as starting loadouts and smaller circles on the map). And joining it in the new future is the smaller, faster-paced Sanhok map which is currently testing on PC.

And just like last year at E3, there was an even bigger tease for the game at the end of the presentation: an all-new map in an all-new setting of winter. And it's coming this winter. Footprints in the snow included!

As we wait for more information and assets on upcoming content, below are new screenshots from console version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds taken from gameplay on an Xbox One X on the Erangel map.

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PUBG is currently available on Steam for PC, mobile devices, and in early access on Xbox One.

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