PUBG Season 5 Will Let Players Unlock Story of Miramar Map

Pubg Season 5

PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS, better known as PUBG, is getting another map overhaul as the game moves into its fifth season. Although PUBG's popularity has waned since its initial introduction which sparked the Battle Royale trend that swept the gaming world by storm, consistent game additions like the Erangel Visual Update, which launched over the summer, have kept the series alive even while other players move on to more popular battle royale titles like Fortnite.

Developer PUBG Corporation has been hard at work since the game's initial 2017 release, most recently evident by updating PUBG's player progression system and adding cross-platform play between consoles. While the game may never reach the high play numbers it saw during the peak of its popularity, PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS still retains a massive fan base and continues to refine its systems in order to keep those fans both happy and energized with new content.

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Now moving into Season 5, PUBG shows no sign of slowing down. According to an official statement posted to the game's website, the newest season of PUBG will add a ton of new content and tweaks to the game's second map, Miramar, including a brand-new race track area and objects like ramps, jumps, and loops for vehicles. This new season also includes a community mission system which will see players unlocking new skins and completing tasks by discovering hidden cardboard boxes in order to "unravel the hidden story of Miramar," as well as new gameplay features like the ability to throw both healing items to teammates and melee weapons at enemies. Melee weapons will also now stack in player's inventories.

New looting options, such as vending machines which dispense energy drinks and painkillers, will also be available in Miramar. These machines even have a chance of dropping multiple drinks at once, but any attempt to damage them will alert any nearby enemies to your presence thanks to "cutting-edge anti-theft technology." PUBG's Season 5 update also aims to improve the way items spawn in Miramar. Since the map consists mainly of small towns surrounded by large expanses of desert, long-range combat is far more common than short-range, so PUBG Corporation has increased the drop rate of things like sniper rifles and scopes while decreasing the spawn rate of weapons like pistols.

Although not as popular as it once was, PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS has come a long way from its early access origins. From a mobile crossover with The Walking Dead to PUBG's addition of parkour gameplay over the summer, the team at PUBG Corporation seems determined to keep their players both invested and entertained as long as possible. Even though they're not doing anything quite as world-changing as Fortnite blowing up its entire map, PlayerUnknown's BATTLEGROUNDS is dedicated to offering an ever-expanding, always updating battle royale experience.

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